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    It is time we are not shackled again by the system that is unjust and a lot of strangling the neck of the small people, it is time we built a civilization with the theme Keikhlasan. So the point is not to be ready to help make the havoc of people who get help. MMM Is a social organization and not an institution and neither a bank nor a financial institution, here MMM strongly prioritizes the interests of people all over the world and wishes with the presence of MMM GLOBAL again everyone will be happy and everyday life more feasible. Too many current projects are present only for a moment or a moment and can not prove that the resilience of their systems will create excitement for all. In MMM socialism is very pressed all mutual cooperation together to realize equitable justice without any racial or difference system, in MMM there is no caste or religion differences all can join and get happiness. Let's smooth and rebuild MMM GLOBAL for justice and prosperity together. Together We Can Change the World. Long Live MMM GLOBAL

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