If you want MMM Myanmar (Global 2.0) to sustain...

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    all of you need to do what I do.

    Every week I deposit money. Every single week.

    And every month I take GH from my first deposit, and wait for another month to GH from my second deposit, and then another month still from a third deposit and so on.

    All the while I PH every single week.

    Every one, literally, everyone needs to do this if you do not want the last spring scenario to repeat. The system is STARVING for new money. All of you are waiting to take the money out, but you're not putting anything in. Watch how quickly you will get requests to send help to someone. That is happening because noone is providing help.

    The minimum deposit is 0.02 btc. Surely, all of us can start depositing every week that much money. Heck, some of us can do this every day and ask for GH every week.

    So, again, deposit money every week and withdraw your very first chronological deposit every month.


    Deposit money every day and withdraw your very first chronological deposit every week.

    I believe in us. We can do this. But we have to do this TO GE THER.



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