Manual for Guiders. How to build your successful team in MMM.

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    This is a short plan how to build quickly your successful team in MMM.

    1. If you're not a Guider, register newcomers by yourself via page.

    Ask for email and name from newcomer and register them by your hands or give them your referral link (

    2. Watch this video lesson "How to make conversations in Facebook and attract newcomers":

    This lesson will give you information:
    • how to make conversations on Facebook everyday
    • how to manage your work with contacts
    • how to attract newcomers
    • how to build successful team rapidly
    3. Watch video lesson for online consultants of MMM. This is a chat case and work managing. This will help you to make successful registrations as well.

    4. Watch this lesson how to deal with Negative and Suspicious Reactions during your conversations:

    5. This lesson will give you information about auto posting of your advertisement of MMM in FB:

    6. Make google form for new registrations collecting. How to make simple registration google form:

    Your form should looks like this

    7. Use registered email addresses and names from your form and register them via your Private Office (Add new Participant Button). But before it you should become Guider.

    For Mobile phone number you can use any cell number format like +5581312402144

    8. Inform all your referrals about their registration done via email and all contacts (Skype or FB). Send them congratulation text and this doc general rules of MMM participating where they can get all information and instructions including this one too.


    Your registration has done. Check your inbox for mail (spam folder) from MMM Private Office (MMM PO), if no message - go to and set new password by your mail address.

    But, first of all read MMM instructions of participation before login in MMM PO

    -link to your doc-

    Sincerely, -Your Name-.

    9. Now you have your sheet from registration form of contacts to register. Make friendship with them on FB or Skype, add them to your FB groups or Skype Chats and support them with all news and information. And solve all problems for them via your upline.

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