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    1. When was the launch/last restart of the MMM China?

    June 25, 2016

    2. Is it possible to participate international participants from around the world? If YES, under what conditions?
    YES! Just with one condition - entry to the Personal Office strictly from Chinese IP! To do this, you need to use a VPN, Proxy, and other safe ways to change IP. Otherwise there are no restrictions!
    To know about differences between the VPN and Proxy read this topic.

    To purchase Chinese Proxy and for registration and participation in the MMM China, create a ticket to the MMM China Support Team Department.

    3. Is it possible to participate anonymously in Bitcoin?
    Yes! In MMM China, together with the banking direction (where the bank accounts used for orders payment and withdrawal of funds), there is a Bitcoin-direction (which is used for Bitcoin exchanges between participants).
    Bitcoin-direction is even more preferable than the banking-direction (where for Provide Help and Getting Help orders using bank accounts) and encouraged, since with PH by Bitcoins you will get an extra bonus of 3% of the declared amount of PH.

    4. Interest rates:
    30% for the first and all subsequent PH (Providing Help request).


    5. Registration bonus:
    After having registered and Providing the first Help you recieves a bonus in the amount of:
    If the PH-amount from $ 50 (400 CNY) to $ 500 - you get a registration bonus of $ 20, which is frozen for 2 weeks.
    If the PH-amount from $ 500 (3.500 CNY) to $ 2999 - $ 50 registration bonus, frozen for a month.
    If the PH-amount in excess of $ 3000 (21.000 CNY) - $ 100 registration bonus, frozen for a month.


    6. Referral Bonus:
    Standard 10%


    7. Leader bonus:
    Standard 5% from the first line
    3% from the second line
    1% from the third line
    0.25% from the fourth line


    After successful completion of the guiders school, leader bonus rises to 7%, 5%, 3%, 1%, 0.5%, 0.3%, 0.1%, 0.05%, 0.01%:


    8. The ability to become a leader:
    When a new member register through your referral link, the participant gets to your structure and you get a leader bonus for this member in the system and all those who will be registered below (down-level participants at the second and subsequent lines). But without guiders school you will not have a guider's panel at your Personal Office, which provides a variety of tools for managing participants of your structure.
    You can bring us all your participants. We will consult them about a VPN or Proxy and then will register such participants in your structure so you'll get a referral bonus and a leader bonus.
    We have a full quality support of new members through or through the creation of the ticket (Department: MMM Technical Support). You have a great opportunity to build your own structure!

    9. Are there any deposit freeze?
    Deposit - frozen for 2 weeks.
    Registration bonus - the amount and timing of freezing listed in paragraph 5.
    Leader bonus - frozen for 2 weeks after the PH-order confirmation.
    Bitcoin bonus - frozen for a month after the PH-order confirmation.

    10. Are there any verifications/moratorium/locks?
    If you go to your Personal Office through the Сhinese unique static IP (using the Personal Proxy), which is not used in a VPN, TOR and other public IP-based services, your PO is guaranteed to work without any restrictions.

    11. Other features of the MMM-branch and conditions of participation:
    - Orders must be paid within 36 hours
    - To participate in the MMM China you need:
    • nickname. Your name (or nickname) must be chosen close to the Chinese. It can be easy done by the links number 1 and number 2
    • new email (not previously used in MMM) from international mail services such as Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, or from local Сhinese email services.
    • new Bitcoin address that you will write in your PO. This applies to each MMM branch. Fortunately, in the Bitcoin wallet, you can create an unlimited number of Bitcoin addresses.

    The currency used in China is called the Chinese Yuan (CNY).
    1 USD is about 6.75 Chinese Yuan.
    A minimum contribution of $ 10 will be 60 CNY.

    If you have previously participated in the global structure of the Republic of Bitcoin or other local MMM branches, once you get comfortable in a new place. Welcome to China!
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