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    My name is Thembinkosi Hlongwane. I am from Durban in South Africa. I am a former school teacher and university lecturer. I am holding a PhD Degree in Education. I quitted my profession in 2015, before hearing about MMM. MMM landed in South Africa in February 2015. The reason for quitting my profession was to have sufficient time to do my research and prepare my research articles for submission to peer-review accredited journals. While I was busy with my research work, I heard about MMM. Then, I said this is my opportunity to help poor people to get out from poverty stricken conditions.
    I started my PH with 4000$, the money grew well and I withdrew it successfully. Thereafter, I started recruiting people like a mad man. I was not even a guider at that time since my intention was not to enrich myself, but was to give back to the community. A lot of people gained financial freedom since MMM South Africa managed to sustain more than a year without a restart. A lot of people gained a lot until April 2016 when restart happened. I kept on pushing even if it was difficult in 2016. I registered a guiders course while I was already having more than 5 000 participants in my team. In 2017, things were better at the beginning but later, restart happened again in September. I lost 5 BTC. After Mavrodi's pass way and the closure of the system, I was preparing to go back to my university teaching job, until I heard good news about the revival idea of MMM Global. Therefore, I am more than happy to be part of this community.

    I urge all my fellow Mavrodians to work hard and honestly to serve the public with excellent service. As leaders, we must ensure that participants are gaining financial freedom. My leadership competencies are at the highest quality and level. Please, join MMM REVIVAL TEAM
    Skype: bthlongwane123
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    I like this.. LongLiveMMM
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    Cool I like it

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