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Discussion in 'Guiders and Teams' started by Thembinkosi Hlongwane, Aug 26, 2018.

  1. Thembinkosi Hlongwane

    Thembinkosi Hlongwane New Member

    I would like to salute to all great team leaders of real MMM Global who stick with the platform in thick and thin situations. You are great leaders indeed, who stood the greatest test of time. You have shown the world how to be effective and true leaders, who stood against many destructive storms, when weak leaders were easily lured and bribed by scam developers. There were noises but you stood your grounds. There were insults, but you just ignored as if nothing has happened. You were there when your best friends left to look for fast money-fake systems. You ignored it when scam creators called you in names.
    That is what a good leadership is my fellow leaders. We are being followed by millions, and therefore we must show good character, loyalty, consistency, discipline and honesty. You refused to lead your followers to the darkness against tough times, but you stood strong. Leadership is about heart, discipline, focus, consistency, inspiration and so forth. A good leader is not easily tempted. A good leader has the ability to withstand any type of storm. You have shown these qualities. Thank you excellent leaders. Now the real journey is about to begin. We are proud and confident of team leaders we have in this system. We have to market and promote our system with pride, and without fail until our competitors surrender because they have no backbones. The future for is bright with such wonderful team leaders we have. Let us do it worldwide to eradicate poverty. "Financial apocalypse is inevitable." "Together we change the world."
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  2. Michael Ogalo

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    That is in order sir
  3. Mr Kumbulani Nkala

    Mr Kumbulani Nkala New Member

    The true leaders are proud of being tested like gold tested in furnace to come out without impurities.
  4. Gilbert Khumalo

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    Good day MMM leaders...iam in business and would like to work in MMM but have no clue how we work ...can someone explain to me..iam in South Africa

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