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    Hello, dear MMM leaders and participants.

    There're so many rumors about MMM will stop working, its getting very strage, we decided to re-exame the problem, we found out there're some people deliberately spread rumors to make confusions to participants about MMM. Once again, we declare officially. Nothing will stop MMM running! The system is running now and will also running in the future.

    That’s all? We hope, now you’ve understood, and we won’t discuss this issue anymore. Ok. Let’s go on.

    How is MMM developing?

    MMM is growing. Day after day we have more registrations and PH within the system.

    Actually, we don’t force the events. Better slower but more steady. Reliability and stability are the most important values for us, that’s why we follow these priorities. We need to restore participants’ trust! Now, that’s our main task!

    Recently, some “old” leaders who stopped participating in MMM have come back. They must have recovered from the shock, and are now aware of MMM prospects as due to the mutual aid Community we can overcome injustice that prevails in the modern world. Make the life of ordinary people better.

    Only MMM pays such percent that none of banks in the world can offer. At the same time, the system doesn’t attempt to benefit from participants as different HYIPs and projects’ owners do. They steal money and disappear while we are honest to our participants, and we never hide from our members.

    On average, now, the number of PH doubles every week. So, we’ll continue our stable and efficient work soon. The more often you provide help and the more new members you recruit, the faster the system will accelerate in order to assure stable payments for its participants. Participate in MMM and change the world for the better!

    Now, let’s answer your questions and examine new offers:

    1. Is it possible to publish all innovations and news in the newsline? Including answers to the questions. It would facilitate the dissemination of the trustworthy information among participants, without lies or facts distortion. For the moment, many participants aren’t aware of the system’s innovations and new rules.

    Thank you for your suggestion. From now, we will publish answers to the questions at MMM Global Support Forum. Now, news and answers to your questions will be available for all members.

    2. Disclose participants’ phone numbers or their other contact data. The connection between the parties is extremely necessary when providing help.

    Getting in touch with the other party we strongly recommend using the order chat. In case of any problems, CRO will be able to help you as the department can see your communication. Regarding to the phone number, each participant decides if he/she wants to show his/her number or not. Participants can hide their numbers if they don’t want to show it to other participants. It’s their own right.

    3. How do you hire new employees?

    We increase our stuff constantly. For the moment, we need responsible people for online-consultants positions, support team and call-center. Send your applications to the support team if you want to attend interview.

    4. Please, describe the situation within the system as it is including facts and figures - how many participants there are, how active they are, how many new members join the system weekly, how much money the system has, how many employees work in the community etc. We need to know the situation within the system.

    We can’t give you complete statistics because in such case MMM would rather seem a exchange market than a mutual help community. If the number of new registrations decreases, it will produce panics among participants and they will start to withdraw their money immediately. Well, actually, there’s nothing critical. Nevertheless, consequences can be very harmful.

    Small figures fluctuations are ok, however there are people who can’t cope with their emotions and be objective. In order to avoid risks and unnecessary problems we prefer not to show statistics. Nevertheless, we can assure you that MMM is developing very well right now.

    5. Can we make participants pay for having their accounts unblocked? For example, it will cost 10$. It refers to those participants who get a second chance after their faults in the system. Such payment would be a punishment for them.

    Penalties are applied towards dishonest participants. Participants who created a PH request, and didn’t transfer the money are also punished. All Mavros from the PO of such participants are converted into their original payment using the formula “provided help minus received help”.

    Unfair participants can withdraw their money however they won’t get any percent. Their bonuses are cancelled as well - referral, leader bonuses etc. It’s quite a severe punishment.

    6. The system really needs a paid registration of new participants, it will help to decrease the number of scammers inside the system and will give a new financial inflow.

    We disagree categorically. It contradicts our ideology. We won’t introduce a paid registration as it will frighten new potential members. We’re creating a new world where everybody will be happy.

    Due to MMM, participants get the opportunity to satisfy all their needs. Many people don’t have money at all, so they participate with small sums. How can we talk about justice if we charge money for registration? Actually, for nothing.

    7. It’s necessary to give leaders the opportunity to approve or reject new recommendations/rules and innovations within the system. After the restarts, MMM is very unstable. The situation is very fragile. We ask Mr. Mavrodi to be cautious when introducing new rules in the system.

    Practically all innovations are discussed with the leaders, moreover, we try to avoid many innovations as we really understand that any new rules make participants nervous. For example, if we increase percent some members might think -- the System has no money, so it tries to attract new participants with higher percent!!!. When we decreases percent they might say -- the System has no money to pay off high percent! It means, any decision is bad. That’s why we are very careful when introducing something new.

    All internal rules of the CRO work, security department, scammers control, additional PO protection are approved by administration and Sergey Mavrodi personally. It’s quite clear. All measures we take are for the sake of participants and MMM Community as a whole.

    8. There’s a data that nowadays scammers registrate 20 accounts per day. Please, pay attention to this data and check it.

    Thank you for this information. As we have already said, we have ways for fighting against scammers who want to destroy the system or harm it. Don’t worry about it, our CRO department and programmers, as well as Sergey Mavrodi are monitoring the current situation.

    9. It’s necessary to stimulate leadership. If a leader has 100 or more members in his/her structure, therefore it’s necessary to use certain incentives such as higher percent.

    We stimulate direct leadership when you recruit new members to the system. You will get 5% leader bonus. Indirect leadership is stimulated by good bonuses up to 3% from the participants’ contributions, and the number of leader levels is unlimited.

    Isn’t it enough for you? Well, don’t be so greedy.

    10. Pay more attention to the dissemination of the ideology among participants. For the moment, everybody is focused on the financial aspect but not on ideology that is the basis of the system.

    We never forget about the ideology! Ideology is the most important basis, our mission and goal. We’re trying to disseminate the ideology among people via news, posts in social networks and meeting, we constantly tell our participants about the ideology, MMM strives for building a fair world and change the financial system.

    However, for better promotion of the ideology we need the support of all our participants. When you invite new members, first pay their attention to the ideology, and then to high interests. Explain them why the system was created, what are its goals. It refers both to leaders and ordinary participants. Tell them more about the ideology. It’s important that they understand that MMM is building a new fair future!

    11. The expectation period must not exceed 20 days

    Now, the system is growing, that’s why the period of expectation of confirmation and your Mavros release can be more than 20 days. Nevertheless, as soon as we develop and speed up, the expectation period won’t be longer than 15 days.

    However, we remind that your Mavros start growing immediately after the PH request is created. So, that’s fine. Even if you have to wait a little bit, your percent is being accrued.

    Well, that’s all for today!

    Continue to send us questions and suggestions they all will be taken into consideration and sent to Sergei Mavrodi. Thank you for taking part in the development of the Community!

    In the modern world justice, kindness and honesty are not a myth or a fantasy any more — MMM has made them real! Join our forces — TOGETHER we can change the world!!! Long Live MMM! Long Live Sergey Mavrodi!!!

    See you next news!
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