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    Hello, dear MMM leaders and participants!

    There is no important news. MMM is developing efficiently and stably. We are growing up. The Community members have their accrued percent paid. As we have already said we are developing slowly but surely.

    Our key priorities are stability and participants’ trust. We are doing our best to justify their trust. The number of new registrations and PH requests is still growing week by week.

    As for technical errors
    If you have any technical problems (any Mavro account of yours isn’t displayed in PO, the accurate quantity of Mavros doesn’t appear or appears wrong amount after the transition from the Bitcoin Republic or after the restart) feel free to get in touch with us.
    Sometimes, system errors occur, however we’ll surely solve this problem. We send all such problems to our programmers, and they solve them. Probably, you’ll have to wait a little bit till the problem is solved. Nevertheless, be sure that we will meet our commitments.

    And… about new employees
    During the last meeting we declared we need new employees, and we got a lot of letters from you. Frankly speaing, we haven’t expected so many responses. Thank you very much for your trust and willing to work together with us and develop the system!
    We will make a list including all applicants, and then we will choose necessary number of employees. Once their accounts are checked and approved we will teach them, and they will become fully-fledged MMM employees. It’s great when any participant can become our employee and develop the Community both participating and supporting other members!

    If your application isn’t approved, don’t be upset. We will surely introduce your data into the list of potential candidates, and when necessary we will get in touch with you. Once again, thank you very much for your trust and willing to work with us!

    Now, let’s answer your questions and analyze suggestions we’ve got:

    1. How can you explain that the problems are not solved by the support team and CRO within a week? Particularly, members with blocked accounts have to wait a lot. Could you speed up the time of ticket solution up to 3 days, it would be a great step towards stability.

    The delays of the problems solution occur because participants don’t provide full information to our support service or CRO. Be careful when answering our questions, provide full data about the problem and attach requested documents. Therefore, your issue will be solved much faster.

    If you’ve already written the ticket but haven’t got any answer, therefore your ticket is being processed. Don’t delete your ticket and write another one because it will only delay the solution of the problem. Now, all issues are being solved extremely quickly, and we constantly work in order to improve our support team quality.

    Blocked accounts are locked because they are suspected of fraud. We check scammers very carefully and we can’t unlock their accounts without previous revision. We need some time to clarify the situation.

    2. Is it possible to make an obligatory invitation for a new participant from the concrete leader so that new member and leader get confirmation codes of the new registration?

    MMM is a voluntary union of people and each participant is individual. Obligatory registrations through a leader can’t be introduced as it would violate the rights of ordinary people who registering from website. In MMM there are many individual participants who have no leaders and aren’t included in any structure. We can’t forbid them to registrate in MMM and participate independently, without support of a leader.

    Moreover, such actions would slow down the development of the Community, and it’s unacceptable if taking into account our key goal - the construction of a fair financial world.

    Now, we are addressing to our leaders. Don’t try to force people to enter your structures. Just work better with your members, pay them more attention and they will join your structure voluntarily.

    3. Please, explain us what are the proceeding to change phone number and banking data? What should we do to change this information?

    If your phone number hasn’t been confirmed yet, you can change it independently in your PO, section “My page”. If your phone number is already confirmed, get in touch with the support team and ask them to change your phone number.

    Your banking data can be edited independently in the section “My accounts”.

    4. It’s necessary to install efficient SMS verification for each PO access, phone number and e-mail verifications aren’t enough. It’s necessary to introduce SMS verification codes for all operations inside the system (PH and GH) etc.

    Now, security measures within MMM are very efficient. Annoying text messages will only slow down the Community development. Numerous SMS verifications can also negatively affect people’s desire to provide help.

    It would be very uncomfortable. For the moment, MMM has a high-quality security system that protects the system from scammers. We actively detect scammers and lock their access to the MMM Community.

    5. What measures can you offer for a faster old Mavros release? Participants really don’t have money to release them on our own. We need system’s support. We can’t stand it any more. We are left alone with our problems.

    We haven’t abandoned you. On the contrary, after the restart we declared that old Mavros would be released for all participants (except scammers). Everybody will be paid.

    The System consists of participants. Only active participation and MMM development will speed up old Mavros release. Once again we repeat that we’ll release old Mavros according to the plan. There are no other options. That’s not our whim but we can’t do it otherwise.

    If we speed up there’s a risk to produce new problems, consequently nobody will be paid. So, let’s be patient. Everything will be paid gradually.

    6. I have no questions or suggestions concerning MMM development. I just want to declare that you are scammers! 85% of participants believe MMM and all Russians are scammers!!!

    It’s curious… Why have we become scammers? What have we done? We always tell the truth, we don’t hide any information from participants and we meet our commitments. MMM is voluntary union of people where participants provide help each other according to the ideology, for free...

    We haven’t stolen anything. The system has no central account, people transfer money to each other directly without intermediaries. Even technically, we can’t steal anything.

    You have no reasons to consider all Russians as scammers. We all are humans, ordinary people independently of nationality or color of skin. In MMM we have participants from all over the world and we are members of the big unique system.

    Why do you declare such information on behalf of 85% of participants? Could you introduce yourself and explain where you’ve got such statistics? Your lie has no arguments. On the contrary, we see that people trust us and continue to provide help actively. If imaginary 85% believe we are scammers why do they continue to participate?

    7. All your slogans state we’ll change the world for better. Earlier, it was so however now we’re dying with all our problems, nobody cares about us. You’ve deceived us. We call you to return to the previous ideals!!!

    The ideology is holy of holies! We created MMM to change the world for better and we will strive for our goal. Participants are our main value. We care about each of them and we don’t deceive anybody. Our ideals are the same. Nothing has changed.

    We don’t let you die, on the contrary we save lives! We’ve provided financial help to treat deadly diseases of many participnts. How can you say we don’t care about our members? Read their testimonials at the official website and then think before writing such silly questions.

    8. We suggest limiting withdrawals from one account at instance. It’s necessary to divide the sum in several portions and pay off one portion per month. Particularly, if the GH exceeds 30 000 USD. Only emergency cases can be exception (for example, disease).

    MMM participants can request help in the amount they need. If they provided help earlier and their Mavros have grown they have all rights to withdraw the money in fully amount. How can we forbid it?

    All participants are equal so we won’t introduce limits. By the way, it would slow down the system’s development. When participants understand they can’t withdraw their Mavros they simply won’t provide big sums. If would slow down our progress.

    Besides, now we can’t introduce such limits. All participants would consider we have problems, and it would cause panic.

    9. Have you had restarts in other countries? If yes, what measures were taken by the administration? How did you manage to overcome the crisis? We would like to know more about other MMM countries, not only watch the videos you provide. Let’s create a chat for communication of participants from all MMM countries. Thank you.

    Actually, there were restarts in some countries at the beginning however they affected the system positively, and MMM started to develop quicker. We can solve any issue so don’t worry.

    Videos versions of Mavro News show the news from MMM countries all over the world. They are absolutely truthful and easy to watch. You can also see how the things are going in other countries. You can create international chats yourselves. Add participants from other countries and talk with them.

    10. I suggest punishing leaders for violations towards their participants. For example, introduce 50-100 USD fines depending on the occured violation.

    We repeat that each MMM participant is individual. MMM leader can’t be sure that the invited person would be honest and fair. If a leader is honest and fair, and recruit many other honest participants, such punishment wouldn’t be fair.

    Only scammers are punished in MMM. If participant deceives the system, he/she will be punished and excluded from the MMM Community.

    11. If a participant doesn’t provide help within more than 2 months, his/her account should be deleted and the money he/she has should be distributed among those who extremely need it.

    We can’t agree on the issue. If participant has financial problems and can’t provide help? We won’t delete his/her account because he/she fairly helped other members when he/she had such opportunity.

    Participants have rights to provide and get help when they can do it. We’re building a fair world where everybody will live happier without any kind of obligations.

    12. If leaders don’t meet their leaders’ commitments their bonuses must be deleted and distributed among active and loyal ordinary participants (releasing Mavros). What do you think about it?

    We’re trying to detect unfair leaders and block their accounts. If they ignore participants’ requests and aren’t responsible we exclude them from MMM paying the original payment without accrued .

    13. Is it possible to check if all system’s accounts are active? If a participant isn’t active and there are suspections for frauds, his/her account must be deleted immediately.

    We check MMM participants’ accounts constantly and exclude all scammers from the Community. Concerning activity, if participant doesn’t enter his/her PO within several months we freeze such account till the owner appears. Probably, there are real reasons of his/her absence.

    14. I’ve created PH request month ago, however the order hasn’t been created yet. How long do I have to wait?

    Now, some participants have to wait for a long time till the order is created. We are still growing after the restart, and there are circumstances we can’t change. Everything depends on participants.

    In order to speed up the creation of orders for PH and GH, participate more actively and disseminate the ideology among your friends and relatives. Let’s change our world for the better together. Our system is just a tool that helps to reach our goals.

    If you invite more members our system will develop faster and the orders will be created quicker.

    Well, that’s all for today!

    Continue to send us questions and suggestions they all will be taken into consideration and sent to Sergei Mavrodi. At the next meeting you will receive answers to them. Thank you for taking part in the development of the Community!

    In the modern world justice, kindness and honesty are not a myth or a fantasy any more — MMM has made them real! Join our forces — TOGETHER we can change the world!!! Long Live MMM! Long Live Sergey Mavrodi!!!

    See you next News!
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