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    Hello, dear leaders and participants of MMM!

    Today we are publishing the official weekly news of the MMM System. We will tell about the Community’s development and answer your questions.

    The text of the official news is personally approved by Sergey Mavrodi. Be sure that you will get only the official news and get truthful answers to your questions.

    So, let’s move on to the news.

    How is our mutual aid community MMM developing?
    In general MMM is developing perfectly! Every day we have a lot of new registrations and provisions of help. It should be noted that the average amount of the provided help has significantly increased. Large amounts means a faster release of the old Mavro.

    Apparently, the participants’ credibility is gradually returning to our system. The latest restarts undermined the spirit of many participants, but now MMM is working steadily again and there is no need to worry anymore. Be sure of that!

    The participants are getting payments, the old Mavros are gradually being released, referral, leader and other bonuses are also being paid. We have not changed our direction.

    Our priority is stability. We will not invent anything and introduce some changes in the system. Now everything is developing normally, slowly, not in a hurry. We don't need some "mad" paces, the main thing is stability. And then the great number of participants will return, and all will work again in full force.

    Continue to participate in MMM! Invite your friends and acquaintances, provide help. Don't forget that everything depends on your activity. Our Community entirely depends on you.

    Now let’s answer your questions and consider your suggestions:

    1. When the old Mavro will be released? Is there a way to speed up the process?

    Again, we are not going to increase the pace of releasing the old Mavro. The current payments system is well-proven. We can simultaneously pay the percentage for the current Mavro, and to repay the old ones.

    Yes, the pace is not fast, but we can't change it. Otherwise it may harm the system. But the overall situation is beginning to develop well. Here are some statistics: at the moment 10% of old Mavro of all participants have been already released. And the pace has increased noticeably.

    During the first 2 weeks after the RB closed we have released only 2% of old Mavro. The remaining 8% were released much faster. This proves that MMM continues to develop. Not so fast as many would like, but you do understand that “magic pills” do not exist.

    You can help the System by your active participation only. It is necessary to continue to develop the System actively, and then the releasing pace will accelerate. Just continue to participate and all the old Mavro will be released in no time. Do not worry, MMM will fulfill all its obligations to the participants.

    2. Can we be sure that you do not steal our money?

    Of course! Our work is built in the way that it is technically impossible to deceive anyone, even if we want to. MMM does not have the central account and does not have access to the participants’ money. All money are on bank accounts and bitcoin wallets of the participants. You help each other directly and without any intermediaries. MMM is just working as a dispatcher, connecting those who want to provide help with those who want to receive it.

    We exist only for the sake of ideology. We don't need your money. All we want is to build a just world where everyone will live happily ever after. A world where everyone has enough money to support their family, start to travel and make long-awaited purchases. We voiced our goals from the very beginning, we have not changed them and will never change.

    3. Why do we have to wait for getting orders for so long?

    Don't worry, all orders will be placed. We haven’t reached the past standards yet. The fact that sometimes orders are not placed immediately, does not affect the development of the system.

    The second party is matched sometimes a little slower than you would like it to be. But be sure that the orders "will not disappear":) You will definitely be matched with the participant who needs help or who will provide help to you. In any case, your Mavro grows since the moment you create a request and the money is still kept on your account. So nothing wrong with that.

    Soon MMM will accelerate even more and with that the speed of the Old Mavro release and of the orders placing will also increase.

    4. After the RB closed, many have lost faith in our system, but I still continue to follow the news of MMM. The system continues to improve, to make a healthy and stable platform for the participants. Now, we need a constant inflow of new participants to the system, to increase the release of old Mavro, to strengthen the faith of the old participants, and they will continue to participate. So I hope that the respected leadership has a priority for the old Mavro payment, after the old Mavro payments I will continue to provide help to facilitate the functioning of the system.

    That’s right! We continue to improve and develop our work. Over time, we will release the old Mavro for each participant, but we need a little more time for it .

    Our main priorities are stability and development of the system as well as the payment on the Old Mavro. Keep believing in the system and participate actively to make payments faster.

    5. Dear leaders and Mr. Mavrody, I have doubts about the last 11 questions. Does the system not need changes now? Does it not need a new policy? If no changes happen, we will not provide help again. Has the system become better after the latest restarts? For some reason, we don't see a significant difference, you have not returned our trust! SMS-verification did not justified itself; there is no sense in it, if you denied our offer to verify participants when they PH and GH. You must purchase an activation code to PH, and the daily monitoring of new members contributes to a safe input of money. I hope Mr Mavrodi will take my comments seriously. We do not want to hear that the one-sided development is good because there is nothing we can verify. We cannot verify the number of participants and the old Mavro are released slowly...This proves that the system is not so good as you say.

    We have already written why we wouldn’t show the statistics. The slightest fluctuations in the inflow of new members that are absolutely safe and do not pose a threat, can provoke a panic and eventually lead to catastrophic consequences.

    The security system works very well at the moment. We make no “obligations ” and do not violate the rights of ordinary people. Registration here is free, because we are not just an “office” , but the Community of Mutual Aid.

    We do not sell any "activation codes" for providing help. Otherwise our work will be contrary to our ideology. How can we build a just world, if we take money from the participants for nothing?

    We do not have access to the money of the participants, it is stored only on your accounts. MMM is working like a dispatcher which match people. We have no central account.

    The old Mavro are released not slower, but faster. We have said that now about 10% of all old Mavro have been released. However, during the first 2 weeks, only 2% of old Mavro were released. The remaining 8% were released at a higher speed. The pace increases, and not decreases.

    6. Till the RB closed I participated and contributed more than 23 000 usd, however, I’m checking my account constantly and I don’t see any changes. I’m upset and disappointed when I think what I had. Some participants provided thousands in order to get more but now they can't use it. When will you pay off all these thousands? Probably, I would continue to participate but I simply don’t have money. Mutual help has burned everywhere except my country? It’s necessary to recover the situation and return money to people. I hope MMM will do it as soon as possible!

    Why do you think MMM is bankrupt in other countries? MMM exists in more than 120 countries of the world. And the Community works very well there.

    Concerning the money used to help other participants. According to the ideology, you provide free help in order to a build a fair world, not for revenues.

    The problem is that sometimes people are moved by greed and desire to profit from the others. Our ideology contradicts such actions as we’re building up the fair world where people help each other for free, for the ideas of the system, not for profits.

    However, we repeat again and again. ALL OLD MAVROS will be released for EACH MEMBER! Don’t worry, your money won’t disappear. Finally, you will get help and get back all provided money.

    7. On my behalf and on behalf of my participants I’d like to say we hope the administration will accept our suggestion to establish limit for providing help in the amount of 5 000 USD. MMM will develop slowly, it’s not necessary that participants provide large sums. We require to set the limit of 5 000 USD. It’s necessary to equalize all participants in order to assure successful development of the system!

    We believe it’s not necessary to set any limits for providing help. If we do it we restrict our participants who want to provide large sums. Large PH are also very useful for the system. They stimulate active development of the system.and quicker release of old Mavros. Now, 99% of all PH are sums less than 5 000 USD. So, many participants don’t provide big sums, there’s nothing to be afraid of.

    8. Recently, the situation in MMM is very clear. You state the system is ok, everything goes well however, we don’t know what is the total debt to participants. How can we trust you then? How will you raise your trustworthiness? Therefore, I have several suggestions:
    • Set limits for PH so that all participants would be equal and large PH wouldn’t affect small PH
    • Delete all leader and referral bonuses, save only 30% in order to use this money to release old Mavros. You say that the development of the system will accelerate the release of old MAVROS. So, do you mean the acceleration of release of old Mavros or just attraction of new members?
    We raise our trustworthiness with stable work, payments of current and old Mavros. Only stable and efficient work of MMM will recover participants’ trust completely.

    Regarding limits for PH we’ve already said that large PH are very useful for the system. They encourage quick development of MMM and release of old Mavros.

    Regarding referral bonuses we just can’t cancel them. We encourage participants to invite new members. New participants mean new PH and quicker system development. It means the release of old Mavros accelerates thanks to new participants.

    9. I have a suggestion concerning the work of our system. Why not create a virtual branch in the system where sponsors could promote their products for charge at the MMM website. At the critical moment, MMM can use this money, even to release old Mavros.

    We don’t want to promote any products. We don’t create any virtual branches. There’s only MMM and nothing more. Our website was created in order to build a fair world. And we won’t post any other information there. Nothing should distract our participants from the ideology.

    10. Due to the particularities of your system we can communicate with you only in written form, however we can’t express all our emotions in that way. Besides, the translation isn’t perfect and we don’t manage to express all we want completely. We insist on live communication.

    We’ve already said that unfortunately live communication is impossible. There are thousands of participants each week at our meetings, all of them have a lot of different questions.

    If participants start to argue or interrupt each other, the meetings will take time and we won’t be able to give clear answers to all questions. Once again we underline that we don’t avoid live communication, we just can’t realize it from the technical point of view.

    You can have live dialogue with our online consultants at the website. Put live questions and consultants will submit all necessary emotions to us.

    11. Many participants started to get help. They are very happy, and it increases the trustworthiness of the system. Many participants got enthusiasm we see hope for victory! Keep it up!

    Thank you very much! We’re sure we’ll win, we’ll reach our goals and build the fair world. We also notice that the trustworthiness of the system is growing. It’s wonderful!

    We are sure the trust will grow even more!

    12. We know that some employees betrayed you, and now it’s more complicated to trust us however these betrayers aren’t typical of our nation, you can still trust us and gain our trust as well.

    Thank you very much for the support. We understand everything very well. MMM will develop actively in every country. We trust our participants and do our best to justify your trust. We’ve already deleted all betrayers! Finally, we’ll change the world for the better! We are sure 100%!

    13. In our opinion, there are several ways to improve the current situation in the system:
    • Make participants independent
    • Encourage participants to participate in the system
    • Prevent panics among participants
    • Reduce the number of speculations among rich participants
    • Control the actions of big groups inside the system
    • Bring the key information of the system efficiently and fairly
    • Regulate efficiently the financial disbalance in PH and GH
    All MMM participants are independent. Nobody has advantages over the others. All members are equal. Regarding other suggestions we follow them strictly. We do our best in order to assure stable and high-quality work of the Community!

    To finish with…

    Now, MMM is working stably and we are happy. Yes, there are some problems however they always exist. These problems aren’t serious so don’t worry, we will solve them. We are watching after the development of the system accurately. Everything will be ok!

    Generally, the things are going well in MMM. We’re moving forward. We don’t close down and we’ll exist until we build up the fair world. Be sure in MMM! We will always take care about you!

    Continue to send us questions and suggestions they all will be taken into consideration and sent to Sergei Mavrodi. At the next News you will receive answers to them. Thank you for taking part in the development of the Community!

    In the modern world justice, kindness and honesty are not a myth or a fantasy any more — MMM has made them real! Join our forces — TOGETHER we can change the world!!! Long Live MMM! Long Live Sergey Mavrodi!!!

    See you next News!

    Best regards, Administration of MMM.
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