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    Hello, dear leaders and MMM members!

    Today we are publishing the official weekly news of the MMM system. We will tell you about Community development and will answer your questions.

    Sergey Mavrodi personally approves the text of the official news. Be sure that here you will learn only the official news and get truthful answers to your questions.

    So, let’s begin!

    There is not much news this time. Things are going smoothly and steadily. MMM is working, developing and gradually gaining momentum. The number of new registrations and provisions of help continues to grow.

    If someone thinks that the Community is developing too slowly, we assure you that it is not so. Overall, the pace is very good, and we are pleased with it. And we again repeat that we are not looking for some "super paces". Super paces are ahead, but now, at this stage, the main priority for us is stability!

    And now MMM is working stably. Participants are providing help, their Mavros are growing, then they are getting help. Old Mavro are gradually being released. In general everything is working!

    Our goal is to maintain this stability. Every day the Community is growing and becoming stronger. We will not abandon our goal of building a just world in which everyone will live happily ever after. And we will succeed!

    Continue to actively participate in MMM and develop the system. Our Community is entirely dependent on you. Provide help and recruit newcomers. So MMM will be stronger and every participant will live happily!

    Now, let’s answer your questions.

    In the news over the past weeks we clearly answered all the questions of the participants and considered the received suggestions. We explained everything to our participants and explained what was happening.

    So this week we got not so many questions. They were all similar and dealt with the old Mavro.

    Therefore, let’s again return to this topic. Old Mavro continue to be gradually released. There is no reason to worry. In the end, old Mavro will be released for each participant, without exception.

    We will not change the principle of the old Mavro release, because otherwise it can adversely affect the stability of the system. Just think, if we release all old Mavro, the majority of participants, being to excited, will create GH requests. The system cannot cope with such a load and we can once again face the restart. And then everyone will suffer. So we're not going to risk! It is in your interests.

    Old Mavro will continue to be gradually released. Every week the speed of their release increases. Last week we wrote that we had already released 10% of the old Mavro of all participants, now we have released even more.

    The main thing now, we repeat once again, is stability. And to maintain this stability, we will continue to release old Mavro according to the previously adopted plan. It is perfectly reasonable.

    And if you still want to increase the speed of the old Mavro release -- just participate actively! Provide help, attract newcomers, and then the system will start to develop even faster and at the same time the speed of old Mavro release will increase.

    Don't worry, the system will not abandon you. All your old Mavro will be released in full amount. Do not worry.

    In addition, we have received several complaints claiming that we thieves and scammers, because some participants have donated all their money and even gone into debt to provide help. And now the participant's hate us and new members will not join us.

    Let's figure it out. How can you accuse us of fraud if we did not steal a penny? From nobody. We don't even have accounts and we are technically incapable of stealing anything. The system simply connects people willing to provide help with those who wish to get it. And that's all it does!

    Why do you go into debt to participate? We do not understand it and repeatedly warned you to participate only with non-critical amounts. According to the ideology, you provide gratuitous help with free money.

    You borrowed money, because you were guided not by the desire to help others, but by greed and the desire to get big percentages. We again encourage everyone to participate only with spare money!

    As for the participants... you say they hate us and nobody will join us. However, we see the opposite. Every day we have a lot of registrations of beginners. While the current participants are consistently getting help and recording the Letters of Happiness. Just go and look at reviews about getting money. MMM community is stable and developing well.

    So do not talk nonsense. We have the Community of mutual aid that changes the world, and we have many happy participants. New participants are continuously registering in the system, who want to live in a fair world. We continue to move forward and nothing will stop us! You see only a small piece of the picture -- some of your friends and acquaintances whereas we see the complete gigantic picture. And it, we assure you, is very encouraging.

    And finally…

    In general, MMM is developing perfectly! Don't be afraid and participate confidently. Help to develop the system: provide help and attract newcomers. The community will release all the old Mavro for each participant and will continue stable payments of the current Mavro. In the end we will achieve these goals and change the world! Be sure of that!

    Continue to send us questions and suggestions - they will all be taken into account and referred to Sergei Mavrodi. Next week you will receive answers to them. Thank you for participating in the development of the Community!

    In the modern world justice, kindness and honesty are not a myth or a fantasy any more — MMM has made them real! Join our forces — TOGETHER we can change the world!!! Long Live MMM! Long Live Sergey Mavrodi!!!

    See you next news!

    Best regards, MMM Administration.
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