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    Hello dear MMM leaders and participants

    Today, we publish official news of the MMM system. We will tell you how develops the Community and will answer all your questions.

    The text of the official news is approved by Sergey Mavrodi personally. Be sure that here you will get only official news and trustworthy answers to all your questions.

    So, let’s get it started!

    Remember: МММ doesn’t offer any paid services!

    First of all, we remind you that people who offer to release your old Mavros or unblock your account for money are scammers. Please, don’t trust all kinds of swindlers who present themselves as MMM administration and state they have access to the work of the system. They abuse your trust and deceive you. They have no access to the system work and they will never have.

    We have even got several letters with complaints. The participants state they paid some people to have their accounts unlocked, however nothing changed and their accounts are still blocked. Of course, their accounts couldn’t be unlocked as offering such services are a pack of lies! These people wanted to get your money!

    Even those CRO staff who really have access to members’ accounts are not allowed to use their own discretion as their actions are controlled by other departments. The system works so that employees can’t defraud even if they want to do it. The operations are being checked by other administration members and, in particularly serious cases, by Sergey Mavrodi personally.

    We kindly ask you to avoid doubtful chats and groups on social networks that offer to unblock your account, release your old Mavros for money etc.
    You risk wasting your money as well as having your account hacked as scammers will get the data of your PO. Be careful!

    Old Mavros will be released for each participant according to the rules of the system. There are no other options! Issues related to the unblock of accounts are solved individually through the tickets to the support team. You can unblock your account only in this way! You should take it for granted!

    There won’t be restart in MMM!

    Some people who want to harm MMM disseminate false rumors that there will be a restart next month, and try to produce panics. At the official level, we declare it’s a lie - nothing but lies! Don’t trust such statements. It is really funny to hear it now when the situation is as stable as it has never been before. Which is the result of our too careful policy aimed at restrain the system growth to enhance stability. And suddenly we hear about some sort of "planned" restart! Yes, in this situation, it is simply ridiculous. This is a pure provocation and nothing more.

    Remember that MMM doesn’t stop its work, and is not going to stop! About the restarts, which we supposedly planned, -- it’s nonsense. Restrats are always a force majeure, some extraordinary circumstances, which no one, of course, is immune from. But really, at least no one can ever predict these circumstances. How could it be planned, they are unpredictable! But now, at least, there are no preconditions. The situation is as stable as it has never been before. You should understand it.

    We don’t know where these rumors are coming from. Probably, there are people interested in MMM collapse. Nevertheless, it’s rubbish. You should understand it.

    The things are going excellent in MMM!

    Regarding the work of the system, the things are going very well in MMM. (Repeat it once again, but good news is pleasant to hear. :))The system is very stable, participants provide and get help every day. We get a lot of testimonials, and we see that we gain more and more trust of our members. It’s a great news for us!

    Current Mavros are growing stably, old Mavros are being released gradually. The rhythm of the release is growing week after week. That is due to your active participation. New members are joining us, and the current participants of the Community provide help more and in bigger amounts. We are very satisfied with such development, and we are sure the things will go better in the nearest future.

    Continue to participate in MMM - provide help and invite new members. Therefore, you make your contribution to the building of the fair world where everybody will be happy!

    Two pieces of pleasant news:

    1. At the request of our participants, we enabled to edit phone number independently in your Personal Office. Now, any participant can edit his phone number manually.

    2. Now, two-factor authentication via Google Authenticator is available in the most branches of MMM. You can set it both for login to your PO and creation of help request or adding/editing your requisites. Now, the security of our participants accounts will be higher, and it will be more difficult for scammers to steal your money. However, be careful!! In our FAQ we offer detailed instruction for using GA -

    MMM continues to hire employees for Call Center

    We are constantly developing our system, and we’re trying to improve the quality of the work. Our recent announcement produced an enormous interest, and we hired a lot of participants.

    Now, we decided to continue to hire employees to our Call Center. Moreover, now the conditions are even better. If you want to help us to develop MMM and become part of our team, write to the support service via PO or get in touch with our online-consultants at the official website. We will surely consider your request!

    Regarding questions from participants

    The system has started more stable work, consequently there aren’t many questions from participants.

    In the last news, we gave clear answers to all questions from participants and analysed received suggestions. We explained everything to our members.

    Nevertheless, we got several questions like “When will we get our money” etc. Some participants offer to speed up the release of old Mavros at least twice so that 20% of the total PH is used for the release. However, our position is still the same as earlier.

    Old Mavros will be released according to the previously adopted plan

    We won’t change the principle of the release of old Mavros as otherwise it can have a negative impact on the stability of the system. We said it many times, however we still receive the same questions.

    For the moment, we chose the best rhythm for the release of old Mavros. We manage to pay off the interests for current Mavros, and release old Mavros at the same time. If we change this rhythm the stability of the system can fall down, and there’s a risk of a new restart. We can’t let it happen!

    Old Mavros are being released gradually. Each week, the speed of the release is increasing. There are no reasons to worry, finally all old Mavros will be released for all participants.

    If you still want to increase the speed of the release of old Mavros, just participate actively! Provide help, invite new members and the system will develop even faster, therefore, the speed of the release of old Mavros will grow.

    Besides, some participants continue to send messages saying that we steal money of our members.

    We don’t steal your money

    Understand that we don’t have your money, we haven’t had it and we won’t have it. Inside the system, participants provide help to each other directly, without intermediaries. So, you provide help to other participants directly.

    MMM has no banking account or access to participants’ money. We just play the role of operator that connects people willing to provide with those who want to get help. That’s it! That’s how we work!

    MMM “clones” are scammers

    Some participants move to other projects, but finally lose everything! Many times, such projects look like MMM clones but they have nothing in common with MMM. The founders of such projects steal money of their participants. These projects can’t get such power as MMM has. They collapse, and don’t renew their work as they don’t have any Old Mavros. All money you invest in other projects will disappear forever.

    Finally, these participants go back to MMM and continue to participate with us. After they were deceived in other projects. A wise person learns from somebody’s mistakes, so don’t move to other projects. Their owners will deceive you and take away your money. The unique fair and honest system is MMM.

    Our ideology is the most important for us. We’ve never deceived you. We created MMM in order to create fair world, and we will reach our goal anyway! All of these fake projects have no ideology at all. Their only "ideology" - is to deceive you. If somebody invites you to other projects including dishonest leaders don’t trust them and inform our support team about it. If you trust them you will finally lose everything… These leaders will take your money and disappear. That’s it. Who were these people before they joined MMM? Nothin. If they have not been able to achieve anything for themselves, then why would you believe that they can achieve something for you? It's very simple. Just think about. :)) And if they can easily cheat the System that created them, why do you believe them not to cheat you?

    The expectation period is reducing gradually

    We also got questions with complaint related to the long expectation period. Participants have to wait for a long time till the order is formed. Yes, we recognize it’s unpleasant, however it’s not a big problem. The most important is that everybody will get help.

    The expectation period is reducing gradually as the system is developing quicker day after day. Sometimes, you have to wait but be sure that we will speed up more soon, and the orders will be created quicker!

    We remind you that your Mavros start growing from the moment when you created your PH request. It means, your money remains on your account but your Mavros are growing. That’s cool, isn’t it? Have you seen anything similar in other projects?

    Besides, MMM doesn’t pay 10% per year but 30% per month! Be sure that the system will speed up soon, and you transfer full amount you want.

    Finally, when your Mavros are confirmed you will have a big sum. Then, according to the principles of our mutual aid system you will be able to request help and get it from our participants! And you will immediately forget all about my long wait. Right? :))

    And we will tell you a little secret. We are artificially suppressing the growth now. Better slower, but more reliable! And we will be able to accelerate the system at any time. We have nowhere to hurry. Stability, stability and again stability! It is now important. The rest will come along.

    Now, let’s answer other questions:

    1. Can you cancel the function that enables to hide the phone number in orders as usually scammers use this function.

    We won’t cancel this function as it will violate human right. People can be busy or just can’t answer your calls. MMM is the voluntary union of people and we won’t introduce any obligations.

    Regarding scammers, this function has no influence on their activities. Scammers can simply ignore your calls or answer your call saying that everything is ok. We use other methods to fight against scammers, and now we strengthened these measures. Now, we have 10 times fewer scammers than 2 months ago. It’s a good result.

    2. Is it possible to avoid small PH when participating via Bitcoin?

    In MMM each participant provides help in the voluntary amount. If one can’t provide big sums therefore, we won’t forbid him to provide help in small amounts.

    People have different financial opportunities, therefore we won’t limit our members. MMM was founded to build up the fair world where everybody will be happy. Therefore, each participant provides help in the amount that he or she wants.

    3. Why old Mavros transferred from the Bitcoin Republic (MMM Global) are equal to zero or the sum is less than it should be? When will you handle this problem?

    We know about the current problem. Our programmers will solve the issue till the end of the month. We got enough data and sent it to the programmers so that they could solve the problem completely.

    We’ve already solved the problem of 99% of the transferred accounts. Errors in other accounts will be fixed soon. All our participants are important for us, so we will solve all problems of each participant. Don’t worry.

    4. Could you publish news more often as the rhythm of publications is too slow now?

    We believe that publishing news 1-2 times per week is an excellent rhythm. Firstly, we manage to inform our participants about the current news, and have enough time for the development of the system and work with technical errors.

    Besides, we simply won’t have enough news and questions from participants, and there won’t be anything to comment. So, we repeat that publishing news 1-2 times per week is an excellent rhythm.

    5. Can you forbid or restrict the possibility to delete requests independently?

    Participants can delete PH request only if the system hasn’t generated the order (match the second party of the order). Once the order is created, the request can’t be deleted.

    6. After the payment of the PH request the second party doesn’t confirm the receipt of funds. The system cancels the request and created a new request for the first party. Therefore, we have to pay twice. Obviously, some participants don’t want to pay twice, and their accounts are blocked. What should we do in such situations?

    In such situations, write the message in the order chat immediately. Specify that you transferred money and attach all necessary documents as the proof of payment.

    Then, create the ticket and send it to the support team. Write that you paid the order but it was cancelled, and you got another one instead. Attach all necessary documents to prove the payment and specify the R-number of the paid order.

    Inform online-consultants at the official website. Tell them that you paid the order with certain R-number but it was cancelled. Explain that you got another order and you have to pay one more time. Specify your e-mail and ticket number. Ask online-consultants to send the information to the CRO.

    7. Can you limit the participation of the members who don’t provide help for a long time (participants who provide help actively state it’s unfair)?

    Those who don’t provide help don’t get interests. Worse for them. Besides, their old Mavros are being released much slower than old Mavros of active participants who provide help and invite new members.

    We can’t exclude them from the system as they provided help earlier when they could. Now, they have old Mavros, and we will surely release them. MMM is fair and honest system, so we meet all our commitments.

    8. Can you introduce automatic block for participants who don’t pay orders three times in a row?

    The system blocks participants automatically when the order deadline is over. It means if a participant doesn’t transfer money to the receiver in time, his account will be blocked because he didn’t help the participant who asked for help.

    We also remind about penalties for the unfair attitude. All participants who create PH request but don’t transfer the money will get the original payment calculated in their PO according to the formula - PH amount - GH amount (percent won’t be paid).

    They will be able to withdraw money they provided earlier. However, they won’t get any interests. At the same time, all bonuses will be cancelled (referral, leadership etc.). Old Mavros of such participants are saved.

    9. Can you improve the work of the support team? Many participants write tickets, and don’t get any answers.

    The support team answers all tickets. At least, you get the message that your message was received, wait for the solution. It means, the support team is processing your ticket. Then, your ticket goes to the queue and will be solved by the CRO or programmers.

    At the same time, we constantly work to improve our support team services. We carry out tutorials, meetings and explain how to improve their work with participants. Dishonest and irresponsible employees are fired. Instead, we hire new people.

    To finish with…

    The things are going well in MMM. There’s nothing to worry about. The system develops, and gradually we will release all old Mavros for each participant. At the same time, we will pay off current Mavros. As for provocations, they have always been and will be. Take them for granted. There are plenty of mudslingers, just don't pay attention to them.

    Participate in MMM actively, help other members and get 30% per month from the provided help. Don’t forget to invite new members. Together, we’re doing good things and we’re building a fair financial system. Let’s build the fair world where everybody will live happier!

    If you have questions regarding MMM work or suggestions for the development of the system, send them to us. We will take all your suggestions into account and pass them to Sergey Mavrodi. Next news, you will get new answers. Thank you for your participation in the development of the Community!

    In the modern world justice, kindness and honesty are not a myth or a fantasy any more — MMM has made them real! Join our forces — TOGETHER we can change the world!!! Long Live MMM! Long Live Sergey Mavrodi!!!

    See you next News!
    Best regards, MMM Administration.
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