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    10 the real MMM Global
    Friends, we would like to inform and warn you that the real MMM Global is not yet launched. The launch is at the end of this month-August 2018. Any MMM that is operating right now is only a curtain-raiser. Their time will be short-lived soon, once the real MMM Global is launched. Why this one is legit? Its the only team which publicly announced the revival of MMM Global early April this year 2018, after the closure of the former MMM website. Every week, news are published to inform the public about the progress. We have our own new marketing materials. Not even a single team has done that. They hide themselves to scam you. They are copying everything from the real MMM Global since we were together at the planning, thereafter they saw opportunity and took chance to rush the launch of their fake system. The truth will ultimately prevail soon. Be advised that all fake websites posing as official MMM are listed in This page was created by Sergey Mavrodi in 2016 to list all MMM fraudulent websites. Please, stay safe and wait for the launch of our real MMM. For more information, join MMM Global Revival Team

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