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    Hello Everybody!

    I want to intruduce my self, my name dediy alias dimonrey, i come from indonesia, my lovely country :)
    i was participated in MMM since 2013, and i was +1K guider.

    My first PH only 600K rupias or only about $40, and i've read all about ideology, warning, etc
    with antusiasm i educate my team about warning, and only 5 months run, finally i faced my first restart in MMM Indonesia. but i get money, about $1000 in 5 months. not bad isnt it, but the important thing is no one blame me or blame MMM because i've teach my team about ideology and WARNING :)

    OK, i think MMM works and i start to PH and GH again, but this time im not lucky, i dont get GH, when i start to PH with big amount of money about $10000 in dollars, i sold my bankrupt fishing ship for this PH, MMM Indonesia restart for second time after run for only about four months, i was PH $9000 just one week before restart, i have 10 accounts to PH $9000, each accout PH maximal about $900, no IP address detection at that time.

    What do you think, am i quit? almost quit.. and i lose everything, unemployment, and only have $2 in my bank account that i can not withdrawal. how's your story, you can comment here? :cool:

    More experience more knowledge, i believe MMM, i believe Sergey Mavrodi and i hate bankir thats why i continue crawl and fighting with MMM.

    I just PH again in MMM Global 2014 use bitcoin, 100% permonth and i start PH with only $20 that i borrowed from my friend, and i promo again online, offline everyday everytime. and the result is very sweet, in 9 months i get 100 BTC. Long Live MMM, thanks God Allah S.W.T.

    Thank you for staying and still read this thread, i tell you my story to show you that MMM its work, you only need to believe, patience, and understand that RISK is only illusion, money is only numbers, togethere we take turns PH & GH, alternate we create this numbers.

    today maybe there are participants not get GH, but another participant GH, thats why we called that we provided, let it be, but tomorrow you can GH as much as you can, remember with this magic sentence and think about it "Dont Provide all of your money in MMM" why? couse if system restart, you can provide again next time and GH as much as you can. ;)

    I have dream, with MMM i can share more happiness to people arround the world, and this not only dream, together we can do a lot, we have faced many problems, but MMM still stand firm with new innovations founded after restart by restart, More experience more knowledge, finally MMM will be perfect weapon to KILL MODERN SLAVERY. Are You With me??

    Together We Can Change The World.

    I need team from arround the world to work with me online and offline, not only fight online, but offline, becouse if we meet directly, face to face, we can build emotion, and we get spirit to unite strongly, InsyaAllah God Willing!.

    If you interesting to work with me just call or chat me! ;)

    FB Page:
    FB Group:
    Skype: dedy.monrey
    Skype Group:
    WA +6282175790332

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