MMM is not a financial institute or bank, no warranty here

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    What about MMM? MMM no fund raising, nor is there any business, YES, MMM Pyramid, but not Ponzi, many financial system in this world that also use pyramid system, like, MLM, Insurance, Bank, etc.

    Pyramid is not a bad thing.

    there are some nagera forbidding the practice of the Pyramid / moneygame, the reason being that it will harm the society, whereas it is only a doctrine for the community not to leave the Bank to save their money.

    If the reason is because it could harm the community, why Localization in legalkan? Casino in Legal? Discotheque in Legal? Cigarette Factory in Legal? The Liquor Factory in Legal?

    They really do not care whether it will harm the community or not, what they think is, it is detrimental to government + banking or not, and it is considered that pyramid practice will hurt the government + banking because the pyramid actually creates money, which money was only enjoyed by the capitalists and Bankers, with Pyramid schemes, can create Money. So in Concern that people do not want to keep their money in the Bank in the form of savings and deposits, but instead prefer to play in the pyramid schemes outside the banking

    Well .. his genius ... Mr. Sergey Mavrodi makes this MMM2012 system, making MMM system "BERSAHABAT" with Banking, with this system, MMM can still do the concept of a good Pyramid, without having to withdraw its participant money from the Bank where he was saving. so what is felt by Bankers, little by little can also be felt by the Ordinary People, we are not constantly in bondage by the current system of Global Finance is not fair .. which obviously only greatly benefit the parties Banking

    If in this MMM say Fraud? What's in the hokey?

    If in say MMM is there any funds that can be taken away Owner system? When did Sergey Mavrodi ask his Participant to raise funds?

    If in say MMM is Ponzi? yes can not, Kan is clear, Ponzi concept is different from the concept of MMM

    If the say MMM is this Pyramid? Yes, this is the Pyramid, but Mr. Sergey Mavrodi Proves, the concept pyramid he created is for the common good, not just the welfare of some parties, as in the practice of other pyramids

    If there is no guarantee in MMM? Yes there is no guarantee, because that needs to be emphasized, the MMM is Sincerity and Ability You want to help ,,, if you can not afford a lot .. then just help the potluck .. with you come to socialize / Introduce MMM, then you also can later get rewards so it is also possible To help others, So Whatever Business You Do for the sustainability of MMM, you are rewarded according to your Business

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