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    Friends! We have great news!

    MMM Myanmar fully launched! .. But the most important thing is that the people of all counties, all over the world, can participate in the new MMM branch without any requirements on the use of a VPN or proxy!


    The only condition of participation - it is necessary to Provide Help only in Bitcoin (Mavro-BTC), rather than the local Myanmar Kyat .. And that is exactly what we've been waiting for a long time :)


    What does this mean and what are the consequences of this event? At first, we have a next global structure, the New Republic of Bitcoin, just being on the territory of the tropics, in the shade of palm trees and coconuts :) And this is certainly a huge achievement of the MiB Team, which did a great job and finally found a great platform to invite participants from around the world!

    While our branch is called MMM Myanmar and the official webpage is, the future direction of development is moving to and merging the Mavro-BTC of all braches into a single MMM global currency!

    Do not waste your time, be at the start of a new MMM Global!

    Here you will find the main characteristics of the "New Republic of Bitcoin" :):
    To view the full manual with screenshots and video "how to participate in the structure of MMM Myanmar", go to the topic:
    Join the MMM Myanmar!

    You can right here and right now apply for registration in the best Team of the new MMM Global. This can be done by different ways:
    - by our referral link
    (if you're registered by our, please knock to our skype for adding you to the Team chat and getting support)
    - by clicking MMM Registration ( link in the navigation bar of the Forum. The link leads to the place where you can create the registration request to the "MMM Myanmar Support Team" Department.
    We are ready to provide you with high quality MiB Team support - give you the Guider status and to help with any problem with your Personal Office. You are welcome to register in our friendly structure and participate in MMM Myanmar!

    For a direct communication and getting all the news, join our telegram group:

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