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Official News MMM News #1

Discussion in 'MMM Global - English' started by Indy, Apr 21, 2018.

  1. Indy

    Indy Administrator

    Friends! Active preparation for the MMM launching is in good process.

    We are constantly asked about fraudulent crypto-currency projects. Once again we want to emphasize, we do not adhere to any trends which will not follow right paths of ways into earning money, which we see in the case of the launch of pseudo-crypto-currencies parasitizing the MMM brand.

    We will launch a classic MMM at https://mmmglobal.world that everyone understands, but without restrictions and theft. We will continue the business of Sergey Mavrodi with his proven classical tools and make the MMM long living as long as we are alive!
    There are as yet no deadlines, or fixed date for launch but development is going forward every day.. and immediately as programers are finished all of us we will be alerted!
    Today's development is based on Bitcoin, but it is likely that other crypto-currencies that were in the MMM - Ether (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), and Litecoin (LTC) will also be connected when opening.
    The design will be either as it was or as close to it as possible, so that everything is extremely customary and it would be possible to work with the personal cabinet from the very first minutes after the launch.
    Everything will be thought out with the accumulated rich experience of all the years of MMM's work.
    There will be simple and understandable MMM Global, nothing superfluous. Global and unlimited MMM, about which many only dreamed!

    p.s. 06.10.2018 update:

    MMM Global official website:

    Registration in MMM Global:

    If you need a Guider support, ask a guider contact and referral link in MMM telegram group:
  2. Dediy

    Dediy Moderator

    Great,, ideology about to freedom people must go on,, use our spare money to fontinue this vision,, im waiting, and im in...
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  3. krushnamaya

    krushnamaya New Member

    https://www.mmmglobal.world the real MMM Global Friends, we woulld like to inform and warn you that the real MMM Global is not yet launched. The launch is at the end of this month-August 2018. Any MMM that is oprating right now is only a curtain-raiser. Their time will be short-lived soon, once the real MMM Global is launched. Why this one is legit? Its the only mmmglobal.world team which publicly announced the revival of MMM Global early April this year 2018, after the closure of the former MMM website. Every week, news are published to inform the public about the progress. We have our own new marketing materials. Not even a single team has done that. They hide themselves to scam you. They are copying everything from the real MMM Global since we were together at the planning, thereafter they saw opportunity and took chance to rush the launch of their fake system. The truth will ultimately prevail soon. Be advised that all fake websites posing as official MMM are listed in frauds- mmmglobal.support/pages/frauds. This page was created by Sergey Mavrodi in 2016 to list all MMM fraudulent websites. Please, stay safe and wait for the launch of our real MMM.

    For more information, join MMM Global
    Revival Team

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  4. Mr Kumbulani Nkala

    Mr Kumbulani Nkala New Member

    Long live Sergey. Mavrod's ideology .
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  5. Niel

    Niel New Member

    Long Live MMM World!
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  6. Heinz

    Heinz Moderator

    Excelente! Bienvenidos Amigos Mavrodians! Ya estamos adentro de esta MMM, la verdadera de Mavrodi! Saludos desde Lima, PERU
    Excellent! Welcome back Mavrodians Friend!. We are already inside of this real MMM of MAvrodi. Regards form Lima, PERU!

    Juntos Estamos Cambiando el Mundo!

    Unete aqui: www.mmmglobal.world/?i=btcman
    Last edited: Feb 16, 2019
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