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Official News MMM News #2. 3MCoin

Discussion in 'MMM Global - English' started by Indy, Apr 28, 2018.

  1. Indy

    Indy Administrator

    Friends! We continue to inform you about the preparations for the opening of the real MMM Global at https://mmmglobal.world.

    This week, a lot of questions about the launch were solved and the time-frames required earlier to prepare for the MMM launch were significantly shortened. First of all the main technical issues were solved.

    Next week it is planned to launch '3MCoin' a fraudulent cryptocurrency, on which we want to stop without doubts.

    3MCoin is opened by the following former MMM administrators:
    MMM China (Alexander Sizov, known as 'Nick Spot')
    MMM India (Sergey Nikipelov, known as 'Ustas')
    MMM Latin America (Adelina Rodriguez)
    MMM Indonesia, MMM Myanmar, MMM Thailand (Alexander Malinovsky, known as 'Alex M')
    MMM South Africa, MMM Nigeria, MMM East Africa, MMM Philippines (Andrey Makarov, known as 'Andrey M' and 'Andrew Mark').

    These fraudsters still have that gut to even want to fool people after millions of dollars they stole from former MMM and shared amongst themselves during the closing of former MMM. Now they want to steal from investors again from these '3mcoin cryptocurrency' to get an additional billions into thier pockets.

    3MCoin is a cryptocurrency, which was created secretly under the MMM work, but without Mavrodi's knowledge.
    Sergey Mavrodi even during his lifetime wrote on his official website
    http://sergeymavrodi.com :
    "And no cryptocurrency, by the way, I did not release."
    But a group of scammers have long been planning on opening a pseudo-MMM cryptocurrency.

    In parallel with the work of the MMM, using all the resources of our System, they created a cryptocurrency Sparta (SPA) and a manual stock exchange sigen.pro, where they 'successfully' robbed thousands of investors, bringing down Sparta, unexpectedly stealing out millions in selling thier coins for sale.
    Now, without a shadow of modesty, they launch 3MCoin on the basis of the same stock exchange, calling everyone on Sigen.
    They want to repeat the fate of Sparta which their plan was to steal and get all the money of the investors.

    Under no pre-text, as 'mavrodi stated' do not contact the crooks who offer any "MMM crypto currency"! They have no long-paying plans, their only goal is to collect investors' money and as soon as the profit starts to drop slightly from the payment obligations, immediately close the entire project and disappear. That they had already done at mavro.org once, shutting down all their information channels, their sites and sigen.pro.

    Once again, be careful! All projects and cryptocurrencies already working or planning to open under the MMM brand are 100% scammers.
    Do not register on their sites and do not buy any cryptocurrencies that betray themselves from MMM, otherwise you will lose all your funds.

    Wait for the launch real MMM Global!

    p.s. 06.10.2018 update:

    MMM Global official website:

    Registration in MMM Global:

    If you need a Guider support, ask a guider contact and referral link in MMM telegram group:
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  2. Dediy

    Dediy Moderator

    Thank you indy..
    Indy likes this.
  3. jota

    jota New Member

    Tnx Indy
  4. suprapto dharma

    suprapto dharma New Member

    Thanks Indy
  5. Sunil Tech

    Sunil Tech New Member

    Thanks Indy
  6. Guider Steve.

    Guider Steve. New Member

    Great eye opening.
    Thanks a lot for the information
  7. Guider Steve.

    Guider Steve. New Member

    I was a 100+ guider in the defunct MMM. How can I be a guider in this project?
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    UMESH KUMAR New Member

    thanks bro
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  9. Heinz

    Heinz Moderator

    HI Steve! I will glad to help U.
    Puedes unirte a nosotros aqui en: https://mmmglobal.world/?i=btcman
    Last edited: Jan 24, 2019
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