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Official News MMM News #23. PH|GH is officially launched!

Discussion in 'MMM Global - English' started by Indy, Nov 5, 2018.

  1. Indy

    Indy Administrator

    Ladies and Gentlemen!

    It is our great pleasure to inform you that MMM Global is growing and activities of Participants and Guiders are increasing day by day. Everything is going just perfect. A lot of new participants from different countries have been introduced by our existing participants, which shows your belief on the MMM Global and Ideology.

    Today is the day you have been waiting for a long time. Finally, Provide Help and Get Help function is officially launched!

    You can find the familiar Dashboard menu at the Personal Office https://office.mmmglobal.world and start to PH from 0.0015 BTC to an unlimited amount!


    We have one tariff plan at the beginning - 15%
    Every week you will get about 3.75% and after 60 days you can GH the body of your deposit ...
    Please read a brief description of this tariff here:

    We want the maximum stability of the MMM Global to work forever! So now it is extremely important to ensure a very smooth start of the System. We need a strongest MMM oriented to work for years, so we need to start with the lowest percentage, but good bonuses for invitations. Freezing of the body of the deposit for 60 days also ensures the stability of the system at the start.
    Do not waste your time, start to Provide Help right now as a new tariffs and conditions will be introduced only next year.

    Deposit interest is calculated every Thursday 00.00 UTC
    All the bonuses are calculated every Saturday 00.00 UTC

    All PH-orders now confirmed automatically in 2 hours after 3 confirmations from Blockchain.
    Johnny Mnemonic is launched to work around the clock!

    MMM Global Team

    Remember, the only websites of MMM Global are https://mmmglobal.world and https://mmmglobal.support
    We are only at an early stage, and there are a lot of pseudo-MMM projects around that are afraid of us and therefore trying to harm us unsuccessfully. Don't listen them, they all will gone soon like a night glamor :)

  2. Ronald Mubiru

    Ronald Mubiru New Member

    Thank you Mr Indy. We're ready to make MMMglobal.world strongo while it financially shines upon us.

    Together we can change the world
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  3. Jims

    Jims New Member

    Copy Sir!
    MMMGlobal.World the long term program of Global Mutual Aid Fund!
  4. Sugarpee

    Sugarpee New Member

    Thank you sir. A good development
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