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Official News MMM News #24. The results of the first month work of the MMM Global!

Discussion in 'MMM Global - English' started by Indy, Nov 27, 2018.

  1. Indy

    Indy Administrator

    Ladies and Gentlemen!

    Today is a great day, it is one month from the beginning of financial operations in MMM Global - Provide Help and Get Help! Congratulations to all the participants on this wonderful event!
    Let's summarize the first month results.

    As were predicted, the main fraudulent pseudo-MMM sites that are not related to the MMM ideology and are aimed only at enriching their creators quickly scammed after the launch of the real MMM Global:
    The https://mmmglobal.io website completely stopped paying by GH-requests. Although it still continues to take money by PH-requests on the wallets of the fraudlent owners of the "io" site.
    The site https://mmmglobal.global is simply closed after a couple of months of work which we warned about (in the News #18), collecting all the money of the participants.

    This fate awaits also the http://globalmmm.club in the near future, where many guiders rushed to join from the above 2 sites after their scam. Also in this "club", moved some leaders who have been offered exclusive bonuses and who are looking for a quick profit on their referrals.
    T-Man was one of the ordinary MMM Global guider who could not refuse a big bribe and increased bonuses (to our great regret), which were offered to him individually on the fraudulent club and he betrayed the MMM ideologies for the temporary gain. Well, each of us makes his own choice, but the wrong choice can have a dramatic effect on the future ..
    We recommend you to log out from his skype and telegram groups and do not have any business with him anymore..

    We want to warn you once more - if you do not want to lose your investments, do not participate in any fraudulent projects, posing as "MMM".
    Remember, the only websites of MMM Global are https://mmmglobal.world and https://mmmglobal.support
    All pseudo-MMM projects were created by scammers, whose goal is a classic scheme - to collect all the investment of participants and disappear after that. They are listed at the https://mmmglobal.support/threads/fraudulent-websites.172 and https://mmmglobal.support/pages/frauds

    Sooner or later, guiders of all pseudo-MMM projects will join the real MMM Global (the only question is "when?" and "with what reputation?") because our goal is stable work for many many years, following the MMM ideology, and not a temporary gain on the participants.

    As for the MMM Global, everything is fine here. All major initial errors identified over the past month were promptly fixed. PH/GH works just fine, Johnny Mnemonic serves MMM Global participants 24/7. But there is still a lot of work on the realization of all ideas of Sergey Mavrodi.
    Now we are moving smoothly to the big promotion of MMM Global, which will bring pleasant surprises in the very near future :)


    MMM Global Team

    Registration in MMM Global:

    If you need a Guider support, ask a guider contact and referral link in MMM telegram group:
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  2. Ronald Mubiru

    Ronald Mubiru New Member

    Thanks for the update Mr Indy. Together we can change the world
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  3. Franco Nero

    Franco Nero New Member

    Together we can change the world
  4. asnawi

    asnawi New Member

    this is very good news
    long live mmmglobal original
  5. Sergey

    Sergey New Member

    mmm extra 100% will be launched?
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