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Official News MMM News #27. The results of the second month work of the MMM Global!

Discussion in 'MMM Global - English' started by Indy, Dec 29, 2018.

  1. Indy

    Indy Administrator

    Ladies and Gentlemen!

    28.12.2018 is a great day, 2 months passed by from the beginning of financial operations in MMM Global - Provide Help and Get Help! Congratulations to all the participants on this wonderful event!
    Traditionally let's summarize the second month results.

    MMM Global has reached full-featured "cruising speed", all errors have been corrected, Provide Help and Getting Help function work without any problems, Johnny Mnemonic handles requests around the clock. In this regard the main long-awaited tariff of 30% per month was announced!
    Now is the best time to provide assistance to the System, make a great Provide Help requests!

    Every day we get hundreds of testimonials from the MMM Global participants.
    5 of them are published every day at the page:
    Check the work of our great System and participate in any amounts you want. Attract new participants to MMM, as the bonus program will generously reward you for participants registration via your referral link.

    As the only official successors of the MMM legacy, we are renewing the good traditions of video informing our participants by the Mavro News Channel (MNC) releases.
    We bring to your attention the first release of the second season of Mavro News:
    New System Innovation of mmmglobal.world !

    The eve of the new year is a good test of strength. Only the real MMM is stable as a rock, ready to withstand any tests and to continue working in the toughest conditions thanks to the best support of the participants of the whole world!
    All pseudo-MMM projects did not withstand a significant decline in the activity of the participants - a decrease in the inflow and an increase in the withdrawal of funds led to massive collapse. The list of such closed projects is simply huge, we list only some of them:


    For some projects, websites continue to function, but GH-payments are stopped, projects work only to receive money (Provide Help). You have to be extremely careful with them, because such projects can be closed at any time. The owners of these sites are waiting for the PH-flow of money to stop, after which the sites will be immediately closed:


    A common example is the fraudulent project https://www.mmmrbglobal.com, which quickly scammed and closed and now changed the domain to https://www.mmmrbeurope.com and at the same time changed its name from RB Global to RB Europe.

    If you do not want to lose your investments, do not participate in any fraudulent projects, posing as "MMM".
    Remember, the only official websites of MMM Global are https://mmmglobal.world and https://mmmglobal.support
    All pseudo-MMM projects were created by scammers, whose goal is a classic scheme - to collect all the investment of participants and disappear after that.

    In the New Year, all guiders of all pseudo-MMM projects will join the real MMM Global because our goal is stable work for many many years, following the MMM ideology! And the first months of work dispelled any doubts about this, demonstrating the enormous potential of our international system.

    Friends, we sincerely wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
    May your most cherished dreams come true! And MMM will help you with this!


    We can do a lot! And we will change the world!
    Let's PH and promote the MMM Global . worldwide !!!

    MMM Global Team

    Registration in MMM Global:


    If you need a Guider support, ask a guider contact and referral link in MMM telegram group:
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