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Official News MMM News #3

Discussion in 'MMM Global - English' started by Indy, May 6, 2018.

  1. Indy

    Indy Administrator

    Ladies and Gentlemen! Congratulations to all on our small victory!

    This week we did not allowed the opening of a fraudulent crypto currency '3Mcoin', which is the merit of many MMM participants spreading our 'Warnings' across all chat rooms and social networks.

    On April 28, 3rd day before the planned launching of 3Mcoin, we published a recommendation about the boycott of '3Mcoin' in the news of 'MMM News #2' and literally a day later, after a long internal bickering among the founders of this crypto currency, it was announced directly on the official site http://3mcoin.net that the launch of 3Mcoin would be canceled.

    Although it is worth noting how hypocritically before we were told tales that the whole "MMM community" was transformed into "3Mcoin cryptocurrency" and even on Twitter was posted Roadmap with the planned significant dates waiting for this crypto currency:


    If everything was so serious with long-paying plans, then the launch of 3Mcoin nothing would have prevented and the complete closure of the "prospective" cryptocurrency would be considered generally as a nonsense!
    But the scammers saw that their plan was uncovered (and the names of the founders will be in a special search, when the crypto currency is unexpectedly zeroed) were scared and decided to close all their activities.
    This fact clearly proves that the owners of 3Mcoin did not plan to continue the Mavrodi ideas, but only wanted to quickly earn money on the trend of the cryptocurrency and disappear with all the money of the investor's.

    By the way, in the previous official news, we did not listed one more founder from 3Mcoin - Pavel Guzev. This is an assistant to Sergey Nikipelov, administrator of the MMM India. Guzev was also known as 'Ustas', using his leader's nickname.

    Friends, we have many questions and doubts from already been desperate participants. On the most important we will answer in each newsletter:
    On 'third-party projects', we certainly will not be able to influence. We could only prevent and secure the maximum number of potential investors against loss of funds.
    But in our case, you can be absolutely calm. We are creating an original MMM not for money, but just to promote the ideas of Mavrodi.
    We prefer active actions instead of long arguments, which can lead to nothing and ultimately be completely empty. Only through trial and error can we find the right road.

    It's easy to say that "there is an ideology". But in fact, we are sure that many will forget about this ideology after a certain period of time, unless there are clear practical guidelines in the form of the famous Mutual Assistance Fund, unless the MMM banner is picked up by people who want the embodiment of Mavrodi's ideas, and not profit. And this is exactly our mission.

    We do not think about money. Being the top guiders, MMM has already provided us with everything necessary for a comfortable existence. We abstracted from money and have only one goal - the practical unification of all people in the world under the banner of the MMM, and not just dreams of the magical spread of ideology without real action.

    MMM Global at https://mmmglobal.world is coming! Once more, lets be patient!

    p.s. 06.10.2018 update:

    MMM Global official website:

    Registration in MMM Global:

    If you need a Guider support, ask a guider contact and referral link in MMM telegram group:
  2. Dediy

    Dediy Moderator

    Congratulation Mavrodian all over the world! Long Live MMM!
    Indy likes this.
  3. Thembinkosi Hlongwane

    Thembinkosi Hlongwane New Member

    We are behind you guys. Let's keep Mavrodi's ideology alive together. Life without MMM is boring.
    Indy likes this.
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