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Official News MMM News #37. 6 months from the launch of MMM Global !!!

Discussion in 'MMM Global - English' started by Indy, Apr 6, 2019.

  1. Indy

    Indy Administrator

    Ladies and Gentlemen!

    06.04.2019 is a special and a great day for all of us, 6 months have passed by from the launch of the MMM Global.World!


    6 months - is a very serious indicator of the stability of the System. And MMMGlobal.World just passed this milestone last April 6, 2018. Congratulations to all the participants and guiders on this wonderful event!

    As a gift to all participants of MMM Global, we prepared a full-featuring Android application MMM Global World!

    On March 26, 2018, the heart of the great man, whose goal in his entire life was to change the world for the better, stopped untimely.

    Sergey Mavrodi is a vivid example of a true fighter for an idea that united the whole world. This was a man of unparalleled courage and honor! He devoted his whole life to the struggle for the freedom and interests of ordinary people.
    Thank you!

    Master, be aware that your just and noble cause is not forgotten! It keeps living in the hearts of millions of people around the world who will always remember you!
    We are firmly moving towards our common goal - Financial Apocalypse!
    MMM banner is in safe hands! And we will carry it with honor!


    Traditionally let's summarize the sixth month results.

    MMM Global is working at the full-featured "cruising speed", Provide Help and Getting Help functions work without any problems, Johnny Mnemonic handles requests around the clock.

    As the only official successors of the MMM legacy, we have resumed the good traditions of video informing our participants by the Mavro News Channel (MNC) releases.
    We bring to your attention the latest release of Mavro News:
    Johnny Mnemonic VS the Old CRO

    Several weeks ago the list of winning entries for our “The Best Video of Happiness” Contest has been released.

    Twelve people from six countries made it to the cut. Nigeria had the most winners with four, Peru had three and Republic of South Africa had 2 while Brazil, Indonesia and Ukraine had one each.

    Once again, congratulations to all winners! May you all be inspirations to other MMGlobal.World members in actively making PHs and promoting the Community around the world.

    In every News release we warned you that you should not participate in ANY copycats if you do not want to lose your investments. All pseudo-MMM projects are created by scammers, whose goal is a classic scheme - to collect all the investment of participants and disappear after that.

    Remember, https://mmmglobal.world is THE ONLY official successor of the MMM legacy. It was launched on October, 6 and today is 6 months from the start!

    And as the true heir of Sergey Mavrodi’s old MMM, we are ready to accept back ALL participants and guiders from closed MMM projects. Rest Assured that there will be no persecutions and the Administrators have committed on their word of honour that there will be a general amnesty.

    Please, inform all guiders and participants of all MMM copycats about that news. The goal of MMMGLobal.world is to unite all MMM-members around the world on a single place. Let's make charity and love, not war.

    And lastly, we are aware that some of you followed these closed projects because of some great features it had. Now, to make the https://mmmglobal.world the most attractive place for all of us, we want to hear from you - all your ideas and suggestions to make our community better and better. Be very assured that we will take your ideas very seriously and take steps to create the best System for all guiders and participants of MMM from all around the world.

    For your suggestions, please fill out the form:
    We hope to hear from you soon!

    https://mmmglobal.world is rock stable right now more than ever, 6 months of successful work have already proved that, and it will be this way forever!

    Join us in this webinar!
    Time: Apr 6, 2019 1:00 PM Universal Time UTC. The topics are about how does the system works?
    How do bonuses earn, how the mavro grows, how it calculated etc. This information will help you a lot!
    The speakers are leaders of MMMGW:
    Ronald Mubiru - pioneer Guider and Roman Vader - well known great leader of MMM.
    You will be given a chance to ask or raise your questions.
    So don't miss this opportunity! Invite your down lines to attend this webinar!
    Click this to Join Zoom Meeting

    Last 1st of March, 2019 the EPRS team started to accept events proposal and these are the first batch of events conducted this week.
    One of the pocket meeting event conducted by Guider Ronald Mubiru to the teachers of Riverside SSS, last March 20, 2019 at Glowen Square in Corana, Mthatha, EC South Africa.
    And another pocket meeting event was conducted in Nigeria by Guider Patrick Ashiedu.
    They both presented MMM Ideology, How does MMM Global works and its legitimacy and warn also their attendees about MMM copycats who continue to scam people. And it ended successfully with new people registered. These Guiders are confident and have determination to spread the Ideology of MMM and to continue the propagation of MMMGW automated system which is more secured and regulated.
    More events is coming and greater things are expected to happen!
    Are you also interested to conduct an event? Join this EPRS GC Inquiry
    Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/LWzWlRRV_TGs80PZ7jM2cQ

    Let's make our System the most comfortable place for all of us, Mavrodians!
    Together we are the power!
    We are changing the world and we will change it!
  2. Luckyreza

    Luckyreza New Member

    lets up mavro growth up to 50%...... long live MMM World
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