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Official News MMM News #45. Super stability of MMM Global!

Discussion in 'MMM Global - English' started by Indy, Jul 2, 2019.

  1. Indy

    Indy Administrator

    Friends, we can see that after returning to the classic bonus system and the classic MMM Global Personal Offices (PO), there are many questions on a daily basis about the stability of the system. In this regard we want to share with you what has been done to date for creating a superstable ever-working MMM Global system thanks to which you don’t need to be afraid of any restarts and right now you can provide help (PH) to each other in MMM Global.World absolutely confidently, attracting referrals and developing your own structures:

    1. For 8 months of the system’s operation we have successfully restored the full-fledged work of MMM Global system which was recreated from scratch. Johnny Mnemonic, the artificial intelligence, has proven its effectiveness distributing all PH and GH requests perfectly well. The only shortcoming was the new bonus system.
    2. The classic bonus system and the classic MMM PO interface were the key points MMM participants all over the world wanted to see in MMM Global.World system. While the previous bonus system was working (differential bonus), many participants did not fully understand its work and regularly have been asking for the return of the classic interface and the bonus in MMM Global.World system. Now we are expecting a massive return of numerous participants to MMM Global.World system from all MMM copycats. Only for the past month we witnessed the closure of many MMM copycats whose participants join our official MMM Global.World system on a daily basis.
    Here is a list of the closed MMM copycats:
    3. The return of the classic leader bonuses will naturally lead to the return of MMM guiders from around the world to MMM Global.World system since the multi-level leader bonus system has been tested for years generously encouraging MMM guiders to attract new participants and develop their structures.
    4. Provide Help (PH) and Get Help (GH) limits have been introduced you can meet with on https://mmmglobal.world/tariffs
    5. PH and re-PH fees have been removed, and GH fee has been reduced from 2% to 1%
    you can read about in Technical details of new MMM Global Personal Offices
    This made the System even more attractive to new participants.
    6. A flat classic 30% return rate with a daily charge of 1% has been returned.
    7. The possibility to withdraw an interest only (with no deposit body) has been introduced to make our system absolutely durable and prevent any restarts in the future.
    8. After the PH request has expired personal offices (POs) are no longer blocked and participants can create new PH request immediately after canceling the previous PH request.
    9. A need to PH as minimum as 0.0015 btc for being able to get a referral link in new participants’ POs has been abolished. This will enable new participants to start creating their own structure immediately after registration.
    10. A Guider status as well as "10+ Guider", "100+ Guider", "1k+ Guider", etc. sub-statuses have been returned which will surely motivate guiders for productive work on the development of their structures and, accordingly, the whole system.

    As the work progresses, other improvements will be being implemented that will give an additional stability to the MMM Global.World system and will unite all MMM participants all over the world making mmmglobal.world the only site thanks to which your dreams will definitely come true!

    Forward ever, backwards never!
    Together we will overcome!
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  2. ijronny

    ijronny New Member

    thats the awesome info ......
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