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    Welcome, dear friends! ;-)) Firstly, we would like to wish you Merry Christmas and happy New Year! We wish you all the best - welfare, prosperity, love, happiness and health! Let all your dreams come true, we wish you a lot of pleasant moments and unforgettable impressions. We wish you peace, kindness and wonderful mood! :))
    In view of the holidays we inform that during the next 2 weeks we won’t publish our weekly digests. We will make a short break for the New Year holidays. :))
    And now, we have prepared for you a new digest where we will tell you about the most important and interesting events that occurred on our MMM planet during the last week. As usual, we will start with the news from the cryptocurrencies world and the development of the system in different MMM countries.
    So, get ready and let’s start!

    МММ and cryptocurrencies
    • On December, 22th the president of Belarus Lukashenko signed the decree about development of the digital economy. According to this document, cryptocurrencies and mining became legal in the country. This wonderful news confirms the recognition of cryptocurrencies at the governmental level. We hope that other progressive countries will soon follow the example of Belarus. And we continue to call you to participate in MMM with cryptocurrencies as it’s much more profitable, convenient and secure than participating via banks. ;-))
    • At the end of the last week, the price of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies was observed. Rapid growth that continued during several months stopped, and the rate started to decrease. Frankly saying, the experts predicted such situation. Such corrections occurred before, and it’s typical for the current development of cryptocurrencies. There’s nothing terrible. Besides, even the current Bitcoin rate is much higher than one month ago. Therefore, the majority of participants of the cryptocurrencies market didn’t show any panic. By the way, it’s a good opportunity to purchase cryptocurrencies at a cheap price, it means with Christmas discounts ;-)) Hurry up, the analysts are convinced that soon Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies will reach new highs! :))
    • A large cryptocurrencies hedge fund Blocktower Capital bet one million US dollars that by the end of 2018 the price of Bitcoin would reach $50 000 per coin. Call option purchased by the company in the New York stock exchange LedgerX enables to buy 275 Bitcoins after December, 28th of 2018 in case the price of the cryptocurrency reaches the bet rate. In other words, Blocktower Capital suggests that the Bitcoin rate will grow significantly by the deadline, and it’s purchase at the price of $50 000 per coin will be a profitable deal. Well, if such a large hedge fund makes such predictions, it means there are premises. We will see if their forecasts become true or not. ;-))
    And now, let’s review the key events that occurred on our MMM planet during the last week
    • Let’s start with the most important news of the last week - the preparation proceedings for the inauguration of the united structure of all countries of Latin America - LA GLOBAL. The participants from different countries from Latin America will be able to participate in this structure - Peru, Brazil, Argentina etc. As a result, the efficiency of the System will increase significantly, and it’s another step on the way towards development and strengthening of MMM. At the same time, the current separate structures in each country will continue to function. That’s a pleasant news for everybody ahead of the coming New Year :))
    • Besides, the countries of MMM in Latin America are actively preparing for the New Year holidays. The guiders are preparing events for the children: they purchase products, toys and prepare funny entertainments. Generally, the work is buzzing! ;-)) Well done, guys. We support your wonderful initiative. Children create our future, and we need to supply them all the necessary for the full development, including our care. We are glad that thanks to MMM these children will make sure that New Year miracles do exist, and they will be able to believe in them! ;-))
    • Our leaders from MMM Australia continue to help to the current and potential participants to understand the boundless advantages of MMM. This time, they created a new video tutorial and answered the most relevant questions, including the differences between MMM and MLM business, referral program details and search of new referrals, organization and development of your own online business etc. As usual, the information in the video is easy to understand. We believe it will be useful for everyone:
    • Once again, we express our gratitude to our leaders from MMM Australia for their important work! Friends, thank you so much! Keep it up, you are doing a great job! :))
    • The system continues to develop rapidly in MMM Indonesia, MMM India and MMM Zimbabwe! ;-)) Last week, we got a lot of Testimonials from our grateful participants. Our members provide help actively and get their payments with the accrued percents. Friends, we are really happy and proud that our Community helps ordinary people to improve their welfare and make their dreams true! Continue to participate in MMM actively and send us your cool Testimonials! We love you!
    • Our online - consultants from MMM China told us that last week a lot of people put relevant and serious questions regarding our mutual aid Community. They were interested in the ideology, our final goals and plans for the nearest future. We are pleased that so many people are interested in our system. MMM was founded to build a new fair world. We believe that if more people believe in our key idea we will soon our goal faster!
    • MMM Kenya and MMM Ghana continue to hold numerous offline events and explain the attendees how our Community works, how cryptocurrencies can be used in MMM and what the main benefits are. Guys, once again we want to thank you for your inexhaustible enthusiasm and loyalty to our ideology. Continue to work and for welfare of the whole system and development of MMM!
    • The things are going wonderful in MMM Philippines! :)) The System works stably for more than 15 months, and there are no problems due to the high activity and strong consciousness of our participants. Week after week the number of PH increases, and more new members join our Community. In short, our guiders and participants work actively, and it assures the stability of the system! We call our participants from other countries to do the same and benefit from the advantages of MMM. We believe it is possible! So, let’s apply all our efforts and promote our Community in different countries as our members from Philippines do. Decent example for everyone! :))
    Once again, we wish you Merry Christmas and happy New Year!

    MMM Community continues to develop actively and move forward reaching our main goal - a new fair world. Thanks to our activity and unity, we will surely reach our goal. The most important is to follow our way, and that’s what we do! :))

    Dear participants, once again we want to wish you Merry Christmas and happy New Year! We wish you to reach all your goals! We are sure it is possible with MMM. Be aware that your life depends on you, so change it for better right now. We wish you success and positive mood for the whole 2018! ;-))

    Thank you for staying with us! See you next year!

    Best regards,
    MMM Administration
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