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MMM Nigeria Top Guider Chudi Ugorji Message To All MMM Nigeria Participants

Discussion in 'MMM Nigeria - English' started by Guider spatacos, Jun 3, 2017.


Do you thinks site expiration come July is real

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  1. Guider spatacos

    Guider spatacos New Member

    A Must Read For All MMM Faithfuls

    For Genuine Mavrodians:-
    Make Sure You Read Through...

    Disregard Rumours / Lies You Hear Against MMM:-

    They're works of our enemies...Close your ears totally against any rumour about MMM because any news which doesn't Contribute to the Growth of Our Community is a Lie, Fallacy from satanic agents, lies from demons, lies from never do well in the society...

    Those lies are Illusions & Misconceptions...

    Why are you scared of rumours? Why do you listen to LIES? Why do you even read any articles against MMM? Anytime you are doing greatly well, people must always carry their evil rumours and lies against you...

    Have you not heard when a man does his legitimate business and made good money, they call him RITUALIST or Dupe? Have you not seen people suspecting another man's wealth, because they are poor and they refuse to appreciate good things so that good will come to them...?

    Rumours About WEBSITE....Talking about MMM WEBSITE

    1. Know it from today and have full assurance that MMM does not pay anyone to host website....

    2. MMM Produced and Host their websites that is the reason it is 100% secured and hackers detest MMM because of her highly security protocols...

    3. MMM has 6 domains for Nigeria activities that is the more reason you do not have system down whenever there is maintenance, MMM switches from one domain to another domain and this makes it difficult for hackers to come in.

    4. MMM has Highly Trained professional Programmers, who can Develop and Host any website they want....If MMM need 1 million Websites for Nigeria activities, it is as simple as ABC...

    5. MMM Domains are owned and powered by MMM...

    6. MMM does not Pay or Buy any Licence from anyone....MMM Owned her Licence for Website Programmers..

    MMM Owns her Webmasters...MMM does not Need Help of Anyone to Produce or Licence Websites.

    7. Think of it, if MMM Buys Licence from Anyone for WEBSITE....then what is the work of Our Programmers? I am sure you know that Our Programmers Work Everyday for Our Success...

    8. All MMM Websites in more than 120 Countries Worldwide Are Owned By MMM and Licensed By MMM....No Second or Third Party Involvement, that is why Our Details Are Always Secured...

    9. If MMM Allows Her Websites Operations in the Hands of SECOND or THIRD Party, don't you think MMM Operations could have been Compromised?

    10. The Rumour you hear is from Failures, witches & wizards, enemies of your success..

    Tell them to close mouths if they don't have better things to say.

    11. A Real Mavrodian, Should Concentrate on his/her PHing & GHing Activities because MMM has come to stay.
    I Remind You Again....Our Big Boss SERGEY MAVRODI has fought the battle and won....Please Concentrate on Better Things in MMM Community, lies are from the pit of hell..

    12. Give me answer to this question? When is FACEBOOK going to expire? There is no much difference between MMM & Facebook....

    MMM Teaches Us How To Use Our Money to Seek Help and Also Help Ourselves.....Facebook make us to share good and bad moments of life.....They earn income from same source....

    13. Remember, During Our Frozen Period, Thousands of PONZI SCHEMES came out and Defrauded many Nigerians. Right now. Where are they? DEAD and BURIED, they are the one's giving you fearful news so that you will be weary...

    DON'T BE WEARY.....DO NOT LISTEN TO THEIR ANTICS....MMM is for REAL...Enjoy your PHing & GHing....MMM is SOLIDIFYING EVERYDAY...Getting Stronger and Stronger

    14. Anyone who tells you anything against MMM....Snub such person.. Do not give such witch or wizard a second to talk to you....Witches & Wizards are always poor and dirty....

    Nothing good comes out from them....So if you carry bad news against MMM....You're a witch or wizard....You will remain poor and dirty for life....Good thing will never come near you at all....

    15. Mavrodians, Keep Registering People and Teach them how to Surf their PO Personally either with their Phones or Computers....Talk to Your Friends...Talk to your family....Register people for more benefits to you...

    16. In a nutshell, Website hosting is the least thing to think off in MMM Because we can produce millions of it....if so desire....

    Together We've Changed The World Already....
    Guider spatacos
  2. Guider spatacos

    Guider spatacos New Member

    Is not possible
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