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    Dear MMM members!
    The has undergone major changes.

    We hereby announce that, there is no single MMM successor. Each MMM system can be successors if it demonstrates devotion to the ideology of MMM. will support every MMM system and especially highlight those sites that have passed the test of time, which is a proof of devotion to ideology, an indicator of the stable platform and the trustiness of its participants.

    We apologize to all MMM sites which previously spoke out negatively and accused of fraud. Attacks on other MMM systems was a big mistake of the previous administration!
    We therefore assure all that, we are ready to cooperate with any MMM site and support both time-tested systems and newly opening MMM projects.

    We want to make a global platform for all MMM systems where each system can advertise and show its advantages. Time will tell which system will win the trust of most participants and meet the test of time.

    Let us support and promote the ideology of MMM so that every inhabitant of the planet learns about the best idea of a global mutual assistance fund. intends to help with this as much as possible.
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