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    As we all know that just in few days the most valuable Mutual Aid Community MMM Global is getting started, but there is still a question which should be said in everyone's mind. Will it be emerging ( IS THESE REAL MMM GLOBAL? ) And these questions are inevitable, That is because many fake plans in the market are claiming to be real, in between, we have become confused, who is the Real and Fake.

    Now, let me tell you my story, I have been working in the community of MMM for the last 7 Years and in the meantime I have seen many fake plans which have been used by the name of MMM, so as you can realise the experience of so many years, I should recognize in between fake and real , but I will request all of my friends and brothers, who think that this is the Real or Fake they just need to wait for few more days, and the truth itself will come in front of us.
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