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    Friends, after you have read the announcement of the launch of MMM on Tron Smart Contract, we are happy to give you a reference guide of the new MMM Global Personal Office

    Since the smart contract (artificial intelligence that serves the MMM Global) is created on the Tron blockchain, we will use the native Tron blockchain cryptocurrency TRX as the main coin for Provide Help (make a deposit) and Get Help (make a withdrawal) functions.

    To interact with a smart contract, you will need to use a cryptocurrency wallet with support for the latest Web 3.0 technology, like the TronLink wallet:

    On Windows desktop as an add-on for Chrome, Firefox and Opera:

    On a cell phone with Android:

    On iPhone:

    MMM Global Tron's marketing plan is well thought out to last for decades!

    By depositing TRX to the MMM Global Tron community fund you will activate the contract code and 24 hours after you will receive the first 1% daily return.
    You will receive this until 310% of your deposit has been received as support from the community.
    The 310% support is received in 4 different ways (1 passive and 3 via marketing).
    When the 310% support is received through any of the 4 ways, a new deposit must be made equal or greater to activate a new 310% limit and continue receiving from the fund.
    1. 1% daily return on your deposit (maximum 310 days). 100% Passive to all community members.
    2. 10% Direct referral commission for sharing and growing the community and it's fund.
    3. Matching Commission on referrals daily 1%
    4. Daily Top sponsor pool, 3% of ALL deposits to MMM Global Tron.

    ✅ 1% Daily return on your Deposit (maximum 310 days), 100% Passive
    1% of the amount given as support to the community fund will be given back daily to all users by the system algorithm up to point when the maximum INCOME limit of 310% is received.

    ✅ 10% Direct Referral Bonus for Sharing and Growing the Community Fund
    Awarded to the referrer when a direct referral makes a deposit: first deposit and re-deposits. 10% of the deposited amount goes to referrer (i.e. direct referral deposits 1000 TRX, you receive 100 TRX as instant commission).
    There are NO LIMITS to how many Direct Referrals you can have.
    *All Bonuses apply toward the 3.1x limit.

    ✅ Matching Bonus
    The matching bonus is based upon your referrals 1% daily return.
    The matching is awarded every time a downline referral makes a withdrawal of this 1% daily return.
    The levels of matching you receive on is based upon how many direct referrals you personally sponsored. 1 level activated for each direct referral, maximum 15 levels, see below :

    1st generation 30%
    2nd generation 10%
    3rd generation 10%
    4th generation 10%
    5th generation 10%
    6th generation 8%
    7th generation 8%
    8th generation 8%
    9th generation 8%
    10th generation 8%
    11th generation 5%
    12th generation 5%
    13th generation 5%
    14th generation 5%
    15th generation 5%

    ✅ Daily Top Referrer Pool
    3% of all deposits to MMM Global Tron is added to the daily TOP referrer pool.
    10% of this pool is awarded to the TOP 4 referrers of TRX volume every single day,
    The remaining 90% is then rolled over into the next day’s pool to continue to increase the rewards.
    Allocation of the 10% is as follows:
    1st – 40%
    2nd – 30%
    3rd – 20%
    4th – 10%

    Minimum and Maximum deposit limits :
    1st deposit, minimum deposit 100 TRX, up to 100'000 (one hundred thousand) TRX
    2nd deposit, must be equal or greater than previous, up to 300'000 (three hundred thousand) TRX
    3rd deposit, must be equal or greater than previous, up to 900'000 (nine hundred thousand) TRX
    4th deposit and any after, must be equal or greater than previous, up to 2'000'000 (two million) TRX
    Unlimited Cycles (Re-Deposits)!

    * MMM Global Tron is a community-based project, 100% decentralized, P2P transactions through verified Smart Contract.
    * When 310% is received, a new deposit must be made to continue earning / receiving from any of the 4 ways.
    * Minimum entry is 100 TRX, open to all participants, no restrictions.
    * No referrals required in order to receive, the 1% pays out daily to all members, 100% passive.
    * Increase the speed of your returns by growing the community fund through marketing / sharing of MMM Global.

    Remember, is the only address of MMM Global.
    Let's welcome the birth of the MMM Global on Tron Smart Contract!

    If you have any questions or need a good guider, ask a guider contact and referral link at the MMM Global official Telegram Group and join our Telegram Channel

    Make charity and love!
    Together we can do a lot and we will change this World!
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