Release Date is 14days after your payment is *confirmed...*

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    Release Date is 14days after your payment is *confirmed...*

    Take Note, ensure to pay for your *PH orders immediately they come.* So as not to waste your precious time waiting till *11th hour* before making your payment(s); because it will amount to *self inflicted time wasting. The more you wait, the longer your release date, the longer your 30 days.*

    Some will say I have *96hrs,* I will pay when the time is remaining *2hrs* to go. *Some will even WAIT until their Guider start reminding them, that their Time is remaining less than 1hr, forgetting they don't have control on the network. What if there is no network to upload ur pop after paying at the last minute.
    Also ensure you confirm those that paid you immediately you see the alert .Let's see ourselves as one big family.

    Think Right
    Be vigilant
    Act Right

    *Together we change the world*

    #MMMNG Pays
    Guider spatacos
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