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Official News T-man

Discussion in 'MMM Global - English' started by Indy, Jul 28, 2019.

  1. Indy

    Indy Administrator

    We would like to warn you once again about the danger of participation in notorious T-Man’s scam projects, who is planning to launch his another pseudo-MMM project these days.

    Earlier T-Man was one of the ordinary MMM Global.World guider, but he could not refuse a big bribe (to our great regret), which was offered to him individually from different projects, so he betrayed MMM ideology for the sake of getting a temporary gain.

    First, he defected to the fraudulent http://globalmmm.club we reported you about in the topic:
    The results of the first month work of the MMM Global!
    on our official forum.

    Then he switched over to https://mmmglobalmavro.com, which lasted less than 2 months. On the tragic situation of the participants of this project we reported in the forum topic:
    The real situation with mmmglobalmavro.com

    At present the same former scam project owners mmmglobalmavro.com are launching mmmglobalmavrodi.com (it seems they didn’t think too long about the domain name) and again hired T-man to promote their project. They want to recommence their fraudulent scheme mmmglobalmavro.com, but this time their scam project may last less than 2 months and be closed down at any time. Do not participate in this fraudulent project under any circumstances! Otherwise, at any time you can lose all your money.

    Well, each of us makes their own choice, but the wrong choice can have a dramatic effect on the future.
    We highly recommend you to leave T-man's skype and telegram groups and do not have any business with him anymore!

    For reference. This year besides https://mmmglobalmavro.com and https://mmmglobal.biz a lot of MMM copycats were closed down, including:

    On June 5, T-man changed his mind again and wanted to return to mmmglobal.world and announced that in his telegram group, even having changed his group’s label to mmmglobal.world logotype, but the next day the former mmmglobalmavro.com owners offered a big bribe for Timan’s transition to their new scam project, so he again betrayed all the members of his structure.


    Once again we warn you under no circumstances participate in mmmglobalmavrodi.com and any other T-man projects! Do not repeat the same mistakes of his structure’s participants, who previously believed him and, as a result, lost all their hard earned money in T-man’s previous fraudulent projects.

    Best regards,
    MMM Global.World administration

    MMM Global official website:


    Registration in MMM Global:

    If you need a Guider support, ask a guider contact and referral link in MMM telegram group:
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  2. Indy

    Indy Administrator

    Many participants who left the group of T-man tell us that he uses a lot of fake nicknames in his group to mislead the participants.

    Under nicknames Sharma and The Master he is trying to add participants from our group https://t.me/mmmglobal_official to his group :

    Sharma.png The Master.png

    Nicknames MMM Globalbitcoin and Rockets Tony publish fake PH-screenshots and show us exactly the same referral link, which proves that this is the same person :

    MMM Globalbitcoin1.png MMM Globalbitcoin2.png Rockets Tony1.png Rockets Tony2.png

    Once more, we highly recommend you to leave T-man's skype and telegram groups and do not have any business with him anymore!
  3. Gary Migser

    Gary Migser New Member

    Guys, I fully confirm that T-man is a liar. He uses my Telegram nickname in his groups to mislead users and he or somebody else from his team is busy sending false information to you about MMM Global.World through Telegram on behalf of me :

    I want to pay your special attention: my only Telegram id is @gary_migser that is that one and nothing else :

    All other Telegram accounts that impersonate Gary Migser are fakes.
    Please, be vigilant!
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