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    Friends, after you have read the announcements of the launch of MMM on Blockchain Smart Contract and beginning of the test period and giving away of free ETH, we are happy to tell you about the technical details of the new MMM Global Personal Offices

    Since the smart contract (artificial intelligence that serves the MMM Global) can currently be created only on the Ethereum blockchain, we are switching to Ethereum cryptocurrency as the main coin for Provide Help (make a deposit) and Get Help (make a withdrawal) functions.

    The PAX coin (a cryptodollar), will also be added to the PO after the real start. It will be convenient for those participants who have this coin in their wallet and who want to make deposits in dollars without worrying about changing the Ethereum exchange rate.

    To interact with a smart contract, you will need to use a cryptocurrency wallet with support for the latest Web 3.0 technology:

    On Windows desktop:
    - MetaMask wallet as an add-on for Chrome, Firefox and Opera
    - Opera browser cryptocurrency wallet

    On Apple desktop with iOS:
    - MetaMask wallet as an add-on for Chrome and Firefox

    On a cell phone with Android:
    - Alpha wallet:
    - Coinbase wallet:
    - Trust wallet (doesn't work with the test system)

    On iPhone:
    - MetaMask wallet
    - Trust wallet (doesn't work with the test system)

    Our recommendation is to use the MetaMask wallet as an add-on for the Chrome browser on desktop systems. This ensures the best experience with your MMM Global account.

    As MMM Global classic marketing plan is the most consistent and proven, we transferred to the smart contract and included all the features from the classical MMM system.

    Classic Mavro type:
    per month (1% daily)

    Dividends are calculated every 24 hours.
    Dividends are charged on the body of the deposit (without capitalization).
    Dividends are charged for 30 days - 15 days for a frozen deposit and 15 days for a unfrozen deposit, if it was not withdrawn during this period.

    Deposits body freeze: 15 days.
    Dividend freeze: 15 days. Dividends are available for withdrawal after 15 days from the date of deposit creation and will no longer be frozen. Thus, on the 16th and subsequent days, dividends are accrued immediately unfrozen.

    All Provide Help orders are confirmed immediately after 3 confirmations from Blockchain.
    Get Help requests are paid immediately.

    5% from the PH
    of your first line referral's deposit
    Referral bonus is available for withdrawal immediately from the moment of accrual.

    After reaching 10 direct referrals and 50 participants in the structure (10 direct referrals among these 50 participants on 6 lines), you expand the number of lines from which you receive bonuses:
    5% from the first line
    3% from the second line
    1% from the third line
    0.5% from the fourth line
    0.3% from the fifth line
    0.1% from the sixth line
    Leader bonuses are available for withdrawal immediately from the moment of accrual.

    30-day withdrawal limit: $ 5,000 (for each cryptocurrency)

    You can check the brief information about the tariff at

    It is forbidden to have multiple accounts. When logging in to multiple accounts from one computer or any other device, all these accounts will be blocked.
    Guiders working and developing the System offline can count on an exception to the rule regarding blocking by multiple accounts. In this case you need to contact a support team member by email: [email protected] so you will be added to the list of offline-guiders after verification.

    Remember, is the only address of MMM Global.
    Let's welcome the birth of the MMM Global on Blockchain Smart Contract!

    If you have any questions or need a good guider, ask a guider contact and referral link at the MMM Global World official telegram group:

    Make charity and love!
    Together we can do a lot and we will change this World!
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