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    Testimonials of 01.04.2019

    1. Hallo My name is NOERBANIE, I'm from Indonesia. I Have GH on 2019-04 about 0.25 BTC and on 2019-02-22 about 0.05352864 BTC and on 2019-02-16 about 0.0486861 BTC on 2019-01-02 about 0.03182142 BTC and on 2018-11-30 about 0.00301467 BTC. I have PH on 2019-01-25 about 0.0851 and on 2019-01-04 about 0.02861521. thank you MMMGLOBALWORLD!!

    2. Greetings Mavrodians, I am Arthur from Durban , I did a GH on the 1st and was paid on 2nd. Together we will bring justice to an unfair financial system run by the NWO. Long Live MMM

    3. Hallow Mavrodian Family. My name is Maggie from South Africa Gauteng. On the 1st of April 2019 I GHed 0.01504701 BTC and was paid in full within 48 hrs. What I can say is that MMMGLOBAL is more easier than the former . I am happy . LONG LIVE MMM

    4. My is Mnucomms . I am from Zimbabwe. I'm on cloud nine with this life changing platform. My first PH of 0.00231293 was on 29/10/18, because of the bearish behavior of the Bitcoin, I had to leave it in the system to 31/01/19 where instead of requesting for a GH, I PHed 0.00344042 through my balance. On 01/04/19 I then requested for my GH of 0.00496860. Now seeing/having proven the goodness of the system, we are considering investing without fear with my family. Thanks to the support team for their prompt response in time of need.

    5. Hola mi nombre es Karina de Perú recibi la ayuda de 90 $ gracias Mmm.

    6. Hi, I am BTC Guider of South Africa, one of the guiders of MMM Global World. I always provide help on Friday. On 26 March 2019 I was able to request help of 0.0421 BTC. I received the money within 24 hours. I am inviting everybody to be part of this system. MMM Global World makes wonders. Be part of it. Together we change the world.

    7. I am very grateful to MMMG for providing me with additional income proof, My name is Akkase from Indonesia.

    8. I am very grateful to mmmg for providing additional income

    9. Hi, I am NaszMar from Malaysia. I have PH on 22.11.2018, 20.12.2018 and 12.01.2019 of total 0.03917192. I have GH my bonus on 28.03.2019 and receive 0.00487682. Thank you MMM Global.

    10. Boa tarde me chamo Thiago sou do Brasil...... estou desde o começo desse maravilhoso projeto. Dia 28/03/2019 Pedi uma ajuda no valor de 0,03130433 , e recebi em mesmo de 24 horas. Vida LONGA a MMM GLOBAL.WORLD.

    11. Hello to all Mavrodians. My nickname is e2e4 (@e2e412). I am a guider of the MOST POWERFUL TEAM of ! Since the beginning of the opening of the system, I have rendered Help in the amount of more than $ 10,000 !!! 03/28/2019 I requested help in the system in the amount of 0.12223107 BTC and received it the next day on my bitcoin wallet with a deduction of 2% according to the rules of the system! I am grateful to all the participants of the system who have made their contribution to the development of the system and in particular to the Indy administrator, who continued the great idea of Sergey Panteleevich Mavrodi! Together we will change the world !!!

    12. thanks mmm , this is realy amazing

    13. hi my name is Ahan, finnaly i got my money

    14. my name is aliang , im happy for mmm

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