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    Every day we get hundreds of testimonials from the MMM Global participants.
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    Testimonials of 02.04.2019

    1. Hello everyone my name is maslovjeff from Cebu Philippines. I am an ordinary member of this community. I joined MMMGW last Nov.2, 2018 and made my first Provide Help worth 500pesos on the same date. I PH again worth 2500 pesos last March 11,2019 and today April 2,2019 I am so happy I received my first Get Help worth 1500 pesos. LongLive MMMGW!

    2. thank mmm, this is very hot

    3. Thanks mmm global

    4. My name is Norma Danisa from Glencoe,KZN.I requested help of 0.0451476 on the 4/04/2019 and on the 5/04/2019 all my bitcoin was in my wallet.thank you together we can change the world.

    5. My name is Mr ramchander Singh I have provided help for 0.006 5586 BTC on 8-3-2019. And I have received my get help for 0.002 50 BTC on 5th April 2019. Thanks to MMM global world

    6. I got paid

    7. Hello! I am Barta Olaf from the USA and I received 0.07btc 4.04.2019! Thanks MMM

    8. sou 777mundial do parana brasil fiz uma solicitaçao de ajuda no dia 02/04/2019 no valor de 0.00263 e recebi a doaçao rapidamente de todo valor , estou muito contente com mmmglobalworld

    9. My name is Nana Sika from Ghana. I Gh of btc 0.00448086 on the 04/04/2019 Thanks to MMM Global

    10. my name is aliang , im happy for mmm

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