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    Every day we get hundreds of testimonials from the MMM Global participants.
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    Testimonials of 02.05.2019

    1. Hi I am Bongizipho Sibiya from SA I asked 0.01098276 btc on 2019/05/02 and was paid successfully

    2. Hello Mavrodians,my name is Mokoto from South Africa.I did a Gh on the 2 May on the 4th I had received all my coins.Thank you Mavrodians.

    3. My name is Lucio, I'm from Ghana. I PH an amount of 0.01770827 BTC on 02/04/2019 and I GH 0.00461342 BTC on 02/05/2019. MMMGW PAYS, together we change the world.

    4. halo, nama saya dediy asal indonesia, saya GH lagi tanggal 02 mei 2019 senilai 0.00694323 BTC, dan sukses saya terima tgl 04 mei 2019, terima kasih MMM Global World.

    5. Meu nome eh Sergio, sou do Brasil, fiz uma doação de 0,01 em abril/19 e em poucas semanas recebi 0,015 btc de ajuda em maio/1, em menos de 24 horas. sistema muito bom.

    6. Thanks mmm global yes, yes

    7. Thanks mmm global

    8. Olá a todos, Sou Jota, resido no Brasil, feito GH crescimento em mavros de 10% e Bõnus Semanal de equipe.

    9. My nick USSRMMMGLOBALMWR im Guider in MMM Global World. im from in USSR City Zaporozhie. thanks to MMM, I began to earn a monthly salary in one day. I'm very happy ! I thank all the participants and creators of MMM! JOIN ALL TOGETHER WE WILL CHANGE THE WORLD !!!

    10. Hi I am GEM Sibiya a member of MMMGW from SA. I GH 0.0060022 btc and was paid. Thanks to MMMGW

    11. My name is rapyourbae from indonesia. I have first Ph on 2019-02-24 about 0.0077 and first GH on 2019-03-20 about 0.00314417. Thank you MMMglobalword

    12. Hello my name is Ever Solloso from Philippines.i provided help of : 0.00173426 btc and after 30days i get help of0.00242535 and ive received it within 2days thnx MMM

    13. Hi, I'm Luis Sierra, from Bogotá. I offered help for 0.08 BTC on 2019-03-27, also on 2019-03-24 I offered 0.015 BTC. On 2019-04-18 I received 0.039 BTC !!! Thanks MMM Community

    14. Hi my name is X2PRO. On March 31, 2019 provided help of $350 under 30%. On April 23, 2019 GH as promised. Thanks, MMM.

    15. Hello Mavrodians My name is Afrimist from Pretoria , South Africa. I joined MMM Global World on the 6th of October 2018. I just received Help to the value of 0.00597171 BTC . I'm grateful to this wonderful opportunity and I encourage everyone to join MMM. Long live MMM!

    16. My name is Ashiedu Alma from Nigeria. I request to get help of 0.01147792 btc and it was paid to my account. Thank you mmmglobalworld .. MMMGW PAYS

    17. mi nombre es enrique soy de colombia di ayuda por valor de 0,01384409 btc el dia 23 01 2019 y recibi ayuda por valor de 0.00259576 btcel dia 12 03 2019 muchas gracias esta pagando muy bien

    18. I Steshana member from S.Africa got help of 0.02563552 on the 2019:04:18 from mmm for changing my life for the better..

    19. my name is noer from Indonesia. I get help and succes 0.08164445 BTC. thank you MMMLOBALWORLD. you should join us

    20. Приветствую всех! Меня зовут Роман и я участник автоматической глобальной кассы взаимопомощи MMMGLOBAL.WORLD с Украины. В MMMGLOBAL.WORLD я участвую с октября 2018. Участвовать могут все желающие, так как система работает через Bitcoin по всему миру. Во время моего участия я неоднократно оказывал помощь и получал помощь на свой биткоин кошелёк. 07.04.2019 мной был создан запрос помощи на сумму 0.01389391 btc и в течении суток сумма в полном объёме была мне перечислена на мой биткоин кошелёк. Благодарю всех кто принимает участие в развитии MMMGLOBAL.WORLD! Мы Можем Многое! Вместе!

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