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    Testimonials of 06.04.2019

    1. Ola a todos, meu nome é Ismael (caemax), sou de Serra - ES, Brasil. No dia 31/01/2019 fiz uma prestação de ajuda no valor de 0,00242878 btc, e no dia 06/04/2019 fiz uma solicitação de ajuda no valor de 0,0037039 btc, que recebi no dia 07/04/2019. Estou muito feliz com o sistema e espero que dure para sempre.

    2. I Regie Jucutan a.k.a. BURIAS a very proud member of MMM global World from Philippines. Today I succesfully received again my new GH worth of 0.00454746btc from my PH last March 19, 2019 worth of 0.00510944btc. I would like to extend my gratitude to the team behind of this very wonderful help system. Longlive MMM global World

    3. My name is Tseliso from South Africa, on 06-04-2019 i made a gh of 0.01077298 BTC and on 0n 08-04-2019 i received my bonus into my wallet.

    4. Hi I am Sicelo Mafuleka I GHed 0.06852231 btc from the third of the body of my deposit on 2019/04/06 and BTC was paid to my wallet. Thanks to MMMGW

    5. Me chamo Cesar, moro em Barueri-SP, Prestei ajuda em Janeiro-2019 e em Abril-2019 solicitei ajuda de 0.08375BTC que caiu no mesmo dia em minha conta.

    6. Hello my name is Ncumisa m from South Africa eastern cape,I joined on the 15of September and ph with 200.on 8th of April I received a gh of 500

    7. Thank you mmmglobalt for your give me of bisnss very2 good. Im fron Indonesian thank I heppy in group mmmglobal. Thank succes to all time

    8. 1.CRV188 2.indonesia 3.PH 0.00157465 tgl 03/11/218 44.GH 0.0025128 long live mmm

    9. I'm Bamz from Indonesia, I GH 0.05BTC . MMMGW pays ! Thanks

    10. Привет всем! Меня зовут Роман, проживаю в Украине. Я участник MMMGlobal.World с октября 2018 с момента запуска. Я постоянно оказываю и запрашиваю помощь, я полностью уверен в системе с её превосходным маркетингом. 02/04/2019 я получил 8!! раз на свой биткоин кошелёк бонусы и проценты от депозитов в сумме 0.04462072 BTC. Обновленная и усовершенствованная система МММ действительно заслуживает вашего внимания! Я действительно счастлив, что нахожусь в МММGlobal.World - это большая помощь для меня и моей семьи! Спасибо всем, кто участвует в разработке системы, всем участникам MMMGlobal.World. Мы Можем Многое! Вместе

    11. My name us lucky sir. I live in delta state nigeria. I phed 0.0037048btc on the 8 Jan 2019 and ghed 0.006btc on the 28th March 2019. Mmm global is back and working fine. I will continue with this platform. Long live mmmglobal.

    12. Olá sou Joao do Brasil e recebi 0,069 em btc, no dia 04/04/2019.

    13. I am Ashiedu Alma Patrick a leader in mmm, on the 4th of April 2019 I got help of 0.00552944, and it was paid to my Bitcoin wallet. I love this new automated system. This is the best mmm. Join now if you are still in doubt you are just wasting your time. I am so glad to be part of this new MMMGW. Thank you MMMGW.

    14. My name is Mdu from South Africa , on 04-04-2019 i gh an amount of 0.00382169 BTC and received my bonus into my wallet. Thanks MMM Global World.

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