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    Every day we get hundreds of testimonials from the MMM Global participants.
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    Testimonials of 07.04.2019

    1. Greetings to all Mavrodians. My nickname is e2e4 (@e2e412). I am a guider of! 04/07/2019 I requested help in the system in the amount of 0.1 BTC and received it the next day on my bitcoin wallet with a deduction of 2% according to the rules of the system! I am very grateful to all members of our system! I constantly reinvest new deposits and believe in's long life! Together we will change the world !!!

    2. Hello! I am Barta Olaf from the USA and today 08th of April 2019 I received 0.07btc. Thanks MMM.

    3. Thank you MMM

    4. Olá eu sou Maurício Silva do Mato Grosso do sul e dia 07/04/2019 solicitei uma ajuda de 0.00379695 e logo em seguida já estava na minha carteira... MMMGlobalWorld é show

    5. minha primeira ajuda foi feito nessa data Data da criação: 2019-03-16 18:35:49 marcio sena Bitcoin > 0.00722834 BTC > Johnny Mnemonic Bitcoin E ja recebi em minha carteira Data da criação: 2019-04-07 17:51:08 Johnny Mnemonic Bitcoin > 0,00292205 BTC > marcio sena Bitcoin

    6. hello saya hardi from indonesia saya GH sebesar 0,00835682 pd tanggal 7 april dan dibayar pd 8 april 2019.. terimakasih MMM

    7. My name is Ntosh a member of mmmglobal residing at South Africa, I requested a GH of 0.004884 bitcoins and were deposited to my bitcoin wallet. Together we can change the world

    8. Thanks mmmglobal

    9. Assistance received: 0.003 BTC My name is Mary Azu from Nigeria, on 31-01-2019 i ph an amount of 0.003 BTC and on 31-03-2019 i received my bonus into my wallet.

    10. Hello everyone. My name is Sello Sethoga AKA Afrimist. I'm from Pretoria South Africa. I joined MMM Global on the 6th of october 2018. I've just made a GH of 0.0024682 BTC and the bitcoin was released without any problem. I PH'd 0.01234672 on the 20th of March 2019. I am so impressed with MMM global and I encaurage everyone in the world to join. This is powerful. What I love the most about MMM Global is the automated operation of the system. There's no human interference whatsoever. No one can cheat or abuse the community. The machenisims implemented onto the system ensures continuity and longevity. Now I can rest assured that there's a community of mutual help that will come to my rescue in times of need. So everyone come on board! Let us come together and overcome poverty. Long live MMM Global.

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