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    Every day we get hundreds of testimonials from the MMM Global participants.
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    Testimonials of 08.08.2019

    1. Hello, my name is Ambi. I am a participant mmmglobal.world I live in Philippines. I provided help 07/24/2019 0.04 btc and today 08/08/19 received help 0.01286936 btc. I'm really happy that i am in mmmglobal.world its a big help for us. Thanks to all participants. Join now

    2. My name is Victor. I participate in the new automatic MMMGlobal.World from Russia. In July 2019, I provided assistance to the participants of MMMGlobal.World. Today, on 08/08/2019, I received my interests 0.0060915 btc Thanks to all participants and Sergey Mavrodi for the instrument of financial freedom!

    3. Hi... My Name is Ching. I am participant of MMMGW community , I live in South Africa, 08-08-2019 I received interest on my wallet in the amount of 0.00163012 btc. MMMGW really pays .Thanks to the MMMGW and a special thanks to Mr Sergey Mavrodi for such a wonderful program . I'M looking forward in Providing more help in the community . Together we change the World. Thank You!!!!

    4. Hi everyone! I'm Hyman from Indonesia. I am a participant of MMMGW. 08/08/2019 I received interest 0.00128694 btc. I really liked the new automatic system MMMGW.I continue to participate and invite everyone to join. Thank you all

    5. Hi...My name is Lope. I am a participant of MMMglobal.world from Spain. On August 7, I requested a deposit interest in the amount of 0.00308865 btc and on August 8, the amount came to my Bitcoin wallet. I really liked the new MMMglobal.world system. This is financial freedom! Welcome in MMMglobal.world

    6. Спасибо за помощЬ!) я Учасник из Украины, в МММ с 2011 года) Всем всё платится) Оказал помощь - получил помощь)

    7. Привет) я Коля из Украины, г. Киев, оказал помощь 06.07 и снова небольшая выплата 04.08 ) МММ работает) Мы Можем Многое)

    8. Hola, mi nombre es Mauro Valencia de Medellin, Colombia, el dia 2 de agosto de 2019 solicite ayuda a la comunidad MMM Global World por valor de 0.14 y ya esta confirmada y paga a mi billetera de BTC. Gracias a MMM

    9. Hola soy Karen Godoy de Ecuador, participante de MMM GW y estoy feliz porque preste ayuda por 0.01650 BTC y el dia de hoy 4 de Agosto del 2019 he recibido ayuda por 0.002095 BTC. Gracias y sigan adelante.

    10. Hola, soy Fanny Perez de Ecuador y soy participante de MMMGW, preste ayuda por 0.015 BTC y el dia de hoy 04 de Agosto del 2019 recibi ayuda por la suma de 0.002095 BTC. estoy muy feliz con este maravilloso sistema Gracias MMM.

    11. Hi my name is Yunda Sari. I'm Partisipan MMM From Jakarta Indonesia. I Phed on June 26, 2019 amount 0,122749 and Gh my 4 days interest 0.00486022. Thanks MMM Global.

    12. My name is Julia My residence is: Peru The Quantity PH: 0.18283513 The date: 2019-06-27 The Quantity GH: 0.00625173 I feel super happy to be part of MmMglobal.World With the whole Family - With all my heart I thank the Great Indy Leader & his whole Group and great Family, Community Blessings to each one of you ❤❤❤

    13. Hello everybody! My name is Stanislav and i am from Ukraine! 28.10.2018 I made PH 0.32 BTC 07.06.2019 I made PH 0.28 BTC Today 8.08.2019 i have received my regular Help from MMM Global World 0.0061 BTC. Thanx MMM Community!

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