Testimonials - 08.09.2019

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    Every day we get hundreds of testimonials from the MMM Global participants.
    Some of them are published every day at the page:

    Testimonials of 08.09.2019

    1. Hello everyone, my name is Roy from Nigeria, on the 08/09/2019 I got a help 0.02021 btc. Long life MMMWorld. Thanks to all participants. MMM pays.

    2. Hello. I am Alexandro from Spain. I got help from my monthly interest of 0.01737 btc on 8 of September after a day I requested it. Thank you mmmglobal.world

    3. Hi, my name Kinara from Zimbabwe. I received my GH 0.02218 btc on date 08th September. I'm very happy long live mmmglobal.world

    4. Hello everyone! I am from Indonesia. my name Heni this is my bonus 0.01157 btc which I received in my bitcoin wallet 08/09/2019 Thank you SERGEY MAVRODI, thank you MMMGlobal.World WE CAN CHAGE THE WORLD

    5. Hello, I'm Dio from Indonesia. I got helped 0.01591 btc on 08 September 2019. Thanks to my sender and the system MMM World. MMM World really awesome.

    6. Thanks mmm global

    7. I am from Thailand. I was PH for 100USD and I already got by GH for the second time already each time for 20USD. MMM grobal is very helpful.

    8. Hola, soy ginobustillosa, participante de Perú. Brindé ayuda el 05/08/2019 por 0.01 BTC y recibí ayuda por 0.002 el 08/09/2019. Agradezco a MMM por la ayuda que brinda.

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