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    Testimonials of 09.03.2019

    1. Hello friends ! My name is Andrew I am from Russia. I am a member of the new MMM Global World. I helped , and now I need help, I made a request 0.016 btc on 9.03.2019 and received it. MMM pays. I am grateful for that. We can a lot!!!

    2. I am Regie Jucutan a.k.a. BURIAS from the Philippines. I am happy that I requested my 2nd get help last March 9, 2019 and I already succesfully received it on my wallet worth of 0.00334429BTC. That is a 30% from my PH last Feb. 5, 2019 worth of 0.00578095BTC. I will continue to support the ideology of Sergey Mavrodi. Long live MMMGW.

    3. Dear Mavrodians, i am Arthur from Durban South Africa , I did a GH 0.17676176 and it was paid within 48 hrs. When the world wakes up to the enslavement the Cabal and their NWO Puppets have and are doing. Then and only then will we have true Liberation. MMM is one of the Tools that Mr Mavrodi foresaw. Long Live MMM Global. God Bless all of MMM GLOBAL

    4. Hello everyone..... My name is FRANCO NERO I'm from Alaska and Live in Indonesia country.... okk I'm joint in MMMGlobal World Date of registration 2018-10-06 and start my founding PH on 2018-10-28 ammount of 0.00154596 btc Today 2019-03-09 I;m request withdraw GH ammount 0.00253145 btc a less free transaction 0.00005063 btc does not take too long time For enrollment: 0.00248082 btc success Leending CRooooT to my wallet Bitcoin MMMGLOBAL WORLD No CRO No human intervention No moratorium With artificial intelligence. thankyou system MMMGLOBAL WORLD. Together we change do a Lot and Long Live MMMGLOBAL WORLD

    5. Thank you MMM

    6. my name is chungchung, participant from indonesia, date 2019-03-05 get help 0.13652055 and completed, thanks MMM, I LOVE YOU

    7. Hi I am Scelo Mafuleka a member of MMMGW from South Africa. I asked for help of 0.01700257 btc from bonuses on 2019/03/07. Bitcoin was paid to my wallet. Thanks to MMMGW for the wonderful system

    8. Hi, My name is BTC Guider of South Africa. I am one of the leaders of MMM Global World. I always provide help on Fridays. On 03 March 2018, I requested to get help of 0.041 BTC, I was paid without any problem. The system is paying. We invite everybody to be part of this wonderful system. TOGETHER WE CHANGE THE WORLD.

    9. Gh completed , thanks mmm

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