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    Every day we get hundreds of testimonials from the MMM Global participants.
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    Testimonials of 10.03.2019

    1. Nama saya joddy dharmawan saya dari Surabaya , Jawa timur, Indonesia. Kemarin saya melakukan pH pada tanggal 25 Februari 2019 sejumlah 0.00211344 btc dan melakukan gh pada tanggal 10 Maret 2019 sejumlah 0.0045btc. terimakasih MMM global world.
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    2. My name is Deshon. I am a participant from Philippines. I provide help in total 0.1 and today now i received helped 0.14921222. I'm really happy that am in MMM its a big help for my!

    3. Hi my name Lon. I am a member of I am happy i recive 0.08249959 btc now and am happy to invest more and more. Thanks to all participants

    4. Hello! I am Niran. I am from Philippines. I am participate and I provided help for the amount of 0.8 btc 2019/03/07 I got bonyses 0.12813516 btc. PAYS! I'm very happy long live! I continue to participate! Join too!

    5. My name is Nakomoto and I am a Russia participant. I got provide help a GH 0.25589321 btc on March 10, 2019 and was paid within a few hours. MMMGlobal.World paying fast and working for all members. Real box office mutual aid PAYS! Join now

    6. Hello Mavrodians my name is Chief in South Africa i have since been a community member from last year 2018 till to date. i withdrew my bonus on 02/03/2019 and the bitcoins were in the following day. thank you MMM Global and all the participants...MMM Ya Rocka

    7. hi, nama saya dediy asal indonesia, saya daftar sejak 6 oktober 2019 di mmm global world, mulai PH sejak 28 oktober, dan total PH saya sudah 0.1 btc, total GH saya 0.4 btc sampai saat ini, saya ada GH 0.03333651 btc tgl 09 mar 2019, dan sudah sukses sy terima, terima kasih mmm global world.

    8. Thank u so much mmm I did receive my payment of 0.0046665

    9. My name is Sipho Magubane from pietermaritzburg south Africa. I made a ph of 0.025 btc on 18 January 2019 and on 08 March 2019 I made a gh of 0.0392 btc. The money was in my account in less than 24 hours. I would like to say thank you to all members, mmmglobalworld is the best.

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