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    Every day we get hundreds of testimonials from the MMM Global participants.
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    Testimonials of 10.05.2019

    1. Hi Movrodians; I'm so glad to announce that on March 9, 2019, I PH 0,004 and I have been donating and re-PH frequently and on May 9, 2019, I requested a GH of 0,03719184 and on May 10, 2019, I received 0,036448 in my BTC wallet. Thank you MMMGW and admin because you always pay. Long live MMM.

    2. Olá, sou de Portugal, fiz um pedido no dia 10 de maio e no mesmo dia recebi 0.01053865 btc.

    3. LETTER OF HAPPINESS MMMGLOBAL Hello MMMers!!! My name is Lloyd R. Villanueva. I am an MMM Global participant from the beautiful Island of Philippines, I initiated my"Get Help on May 10, 2019 amounting to 0.00248911 BTC (approx.$15.87). I received the amount in my External Wallet on May 11, 2019, Thanks you to the Admins and programmers of this wonderful community, with MMMGlobal world together we change the world!!!

    4. Thank you MMMGW received my Get Help worth 1953 pesos. Im Jeff from Cebu Philippines. LongLive!!!

    5. Received as promised. Thanks MMM.

    6. Im el from indonesia , im very happy for my GH. Just PH 0.013 btc and than i can get PH 0.003 btc . And now btc so rise. Thanks MMM

    7. Hello i´m from Portugal and i ask for Help 10-05-2019 and i recived 0,00944919. Thanks MMM GLOBAL WORLD

    8. My name is Ntosh a member of mmmglobal residing in SA, I did my GH on 2019-05-11 and it was paid

    9. Hi My Name is Verlene, i'm From Tangerang (Indonesia). amountof PH 0.065btc, now i've been successfully GHed 0.01287btc MMM Global World is the best !! Thanks MMMGWHello my name is Gcina Sibiya a MMMGW member from South Africa. I asked for help of 0.00404206 btc on 2019/05/09 and was paid to my wallet. Thank you

    10. My name is Lucio, I'm from Ghana. I PH an amount of 0.01770827 BTC on 02/04/2019 and I GH 0.00355238 BTC on 09/05/2019. MMMGW PAYS, together we change the world.

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