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    Testimonials of 11.05.2019

    1. my self Gulab Singh from india i am 100+guider in mmm global world community i joined mmm global 28/10/2018, and provide help 0.00154735/btc when i need help i take help 0.0024178/btc on dated 11/05/2019 i am happy and impressed for take help in the sistam mmm global world sistam is strong long live mmm global world long live the name of sergay mavrodi penta leevich

    2. Meu nome eh Sergio, sou do Brasil, fiz uma doação de 0,035 em abril/19 e em poucas semanas recebi 0,0454 btc de ajuda em maio/19, em menos de 24 horas. sistema muito bom.

    3. thank mmm, this is great

    4. Hi I am Bongizipho Sibiya a member of MMMGW from South Africa. I GH 0.0026 btc from differential bonus on 2019/05/11 and was paid. Thank you

    5. I'm Prudy from South Africa, Johannesburg East. I provided help of 0.0739683 BTC on the 31 March 2019. I got Help of 0.0913 BTC on the 11 May 2019. I still have 0.0344 btc on the system to withdraw.Thank you so much Long live Long live.

    6. Good morning my fellow community, my name is Mpho residing in Free State one of South Afraca's Provinces.I join MMM Global on the 31 October 2018 when it resume ,I PH to the value of 0.002 Btc at the rate of 15% by then but I keep rephing after every second month until system give three rate options 10%,15% & 30% from there I re-ph to 30% until the 11th May 2019 where I did my first Gh. I don't have enough words to thank all those who work so patiently to bring my losses back. Regards Mpho South Africa

    7. Hello, my name is Princess. I am a participant in MMMGlobal.World I am from Nigeria. I have PH 0.55657594 BTC and I have received GH 0.00899117 on 2019-05-11 13:33:00 Thank you MMMGlobal.World. Long live!

    8. My name is Kp, I'm from Free State ,South Africa. I PH an amount of 0.002 in October 2018 at the rate of 15% i keep on pHing and change to the rate of 30% until i do my first 11 May 2019 and I GH 0.00146773 BTC MMMGW PAYS, together we change the world.Thanks to all leader who bring Mmm back life.

    9. Hi saya Hadi dari Indonesia kmrn saya gh SDH masuk terimakasih

    10. Greetings from Sigits in Riga Latvia; I PH 0.00383767 BTC at 04/16 and PH 0.0.00379497 BTC at 04/18; and I did a GH 0.00225516 BTC at 05/09 and was paid into my wallet. Long Live MAVRODI IDEOLOGY. Together we make a difference as the world awakens to Financial Slavery. Long Live MMM GLOBAL.

    11. I'm Mush. I did a ph of 0.0023 Btc like wise of 0.0023 Btc on the 11th of March 2019 and after a month I got helped of 0.00677 Btc... MMM is real MMM pays

    12. i GH again 0.0037633 BTC on 07 mei 2019, thank you

    13. My Akeem, I'm from Nigeria. I provide help of 0.0078 Btc and 0.00769471 Btc on the same day that is on the 11th of March and I get help of 0.01864634 Btc after a month because I run 10% mavro... All my money has been paid successfully.... MMM is real MMM pays

    14. Hi, I am BTC Guider from South Africa, one of the guiders of MMM Global World. On 06 May 2019, I PH, 1 700$, and the same day I requested to get help of 0.0737 BTC. I got that money. Don't delay yourself. MMM Global World really pays.

    15. thank you mmm

    16. hello my name is rose from philipoines i privided help amounting 0.00689649 last february 17 2019 and i get help amounting 0.00666662 last march 30 2019 thank you MMM

    17. I am Godwin by name a participant of MMMC from Lagos, Nigeria. I PH 0.00153589 on 12/03/2019 and another PH of 0.00249634 on 25/03/2019 respectively and I GH 0.00253018 part of my interest on 23/04/2019 the said amount paid to my Blockchin wallet in less than 48 hrs. Thanks MMM Global, Together we can change the world

    18. i am jan received help, thank you it was 0.0018btc

    19. thank you mmm

    20. Здравствуйте меня зовут Ольга , я живу в Самарской области проект очень нравится и вот очередная помощь

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