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    Testimonials of 13.04.2019

    1. Hi saya Dedi asal Indonesia, today i got my GH, saya GH tgl 13 april 2019 dan tgl 15 April saya terima senilai 0.0089076 BTC, di chanel youtube saya kamu bisa lihat bukti GH di blockchain saya, thats great guys, come on join us, LongLive MMM Global World!

    2. Good Day everyone. I am Bongizipho Sibiya a member of MMMGW from South Africa. On 2019/04/13 I asked help of 0.0114 btc from the differential bonus and on 2019/04/14 bitcoin was paid to my wallet. Thanks to MMMGW.

    3. Hello participants! My name is pradnyaphea a participant of MMMGlobal.World from Cambodia, I PHed 0.50508192 BTC on 25-Mar-2019, to 14-Apr-2019, I GHed my 1st bonuses 0.06210871 BTC. If you want to improve your finacial condition, please join MMMGlobal.World - thanks & Long Live MMMWorld!

    4. I'm Zulu from Indonesia, today I GH 0.081 BTC. MMMGW paying .... Thanks

    5. halo, saya noerbanie asal indonesia, FB saya ratu kuliner bengkulu, saya berhasil GH atau Get Help senilai 0.097 BTC, tgl 13 april 2019, dan saya terima hari ini 15 april 2019, sy senang sekali, terima kasih partisipant mmm seluruh dunia, thank you participants mmm global world.

    6. Olá, meu nome é Karina sou de Minas Gerais Brasil, em outubro de 2018 fiz minha primeira doação e no dia 14/04/2019 recebi a quantia de 0,0025 BTC

    7. hi, im nia , participant mmm from indonesia.. i got my pay 0.0074 btc thank you mmm

    8. my name is E i am from Ken south africa. I am a good member of MMM. on 05 and 19 Jan i provided help of 0.02 then on 24.03.2019 I got help of 0.01203242. same day the payment was done to my bTC acc. thanks team M M M.

    9. Hello everyone. My name is Afrimist. I'm from Pretoria South Africa. I joined MMM Global on the 6th of october 2018. I've just made a GH of 0.00315574 BTC and the bitcoin was released without delay. I encourage everyone to join MMM. LONG LIVE MMM GLOBAL..

    10. hello, im sigitasok from Latvia; at 2019-02-10 im PH 0.00273626; at 2019-02-11 im PH 0.00274078; at 2019-04-12 im GH 0.00230683. Im very happy, thank you all. Long Live MMM!

    11. hi ,my name is dalas , im from indonesia , and i got my first paid.. mmm is very good

    12. thanks mmm

    13. my name GlobalNo1, from INDIA, I have Provide help 0.00154419 btc on 29-10-2018 after few months i requested GetHelp 0.00270509 Btc on 12-4-2019 Long LIVE MMM Global World

    14. Hi My name is Tina from South Africa Gauteng Provence. On 05-04-2019 I GHed 0.00565036 and got paid within 48 hours. I am happy on how MMMGLOBAL.WORLD works. Together we change the world

    15. My name is from South Africa Gauteng . On 05-04-2019 I GHed 0.00282758 . The full amount was paid within 48 hours. I am happy. LONG LIVE MMMGLOBAL.WORLD LONG LIVE!!!

    16. Testimonials Hy, my name El. I'm from indonesia. This my second GH 0.00338815 BTC after i PH 0.0165 BTC. I'm very happy my BTC growth up and i hope MMM long life. Thank you MMM.

    17. Hello,Nonoza from South Africa I Gh 0,031 BTC on the 8 April,on the 9 Apri all coins were in my bitcoin wallet. Long live long live.

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