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    Testimonials of 14.05.2019

    1. Ola eu sou o Maurício do mato grosso do sul e hoje dia 14/05 pedi uma ajuda de 0.00126915 e no mesmo dia recebi... MMMGlobalWorld é show

    2. Hi I’m Kirby from South Africa. Another payment received. Things is really happening for me in mmmgw. Don’t have to wait for payday anymore. Thanks alot

    3. My name is Jan from South africa I gh 0.0025btc received it on time, thank you mmm global world

    4. Thank you mmmgw, my name Ani from Indonesia, i was get help 0.012 btc on 14 mei 2019, and before this, i was PH too from my released mavro about 0.0153872 btc, this wonderful life, help each other to make better world, thank you mmmgw.

    5. Olá pessoal! sou da Portugal! recebi mais uma ajuda da MMM Global World. Juntos vamos mudar o mundo!

    6. Soy Adriana, de Colombia, el día 21 de marzo PH 0.03, hoy día 16 de mayo retiro GH 0.01808972. gracias MMM!!

    7. Hello, my name is Elvis. I am a participant in MMMGlobal.World I am from Nigeria. I have PH 0.55657594 BTC and I have received GH 0.00694137 on 2019-05-14 18:13:09 Thank you MMMGlobal.World. Long live!

    8. My name is IJU an ordinary MMMGlobalworld from Asaba Delta State Nigeria. On 13/5/19, I re-phed from my mavro bonus. On 14/5/2019 I GH 0.03416 and on 16/5/2019 I got paid into my account.

    9. Зовут меня Нафилита, я из Украины. В MMM Global.World с 2018.10.14.Оказала помощь на общую сумму 0.09260901 BTC.,ранее получала помощь общей суммой 0.04570925 BTC. 2019.05.14. я запросила помощь на сумму 0.01272093 BTC. Спасибо MMM Global оказавшей мне помощь. Желаю удачи и благосостояния. Присоединяйтесь к MMMGW сейчас и помните здесь нет первых и крайних, всё начинается для ВАС в тот момент когда ВЫ нажали кнопку РЕГИСТРАЦИЯ!

    10. Hi saya Hadi terima kasih bantuannya MMM.globalworld..

    11. hi my Nameis Verlene, from indonesia Amount of PH 0.065btc, GH 0.02145btc Thank you MMM Global World

    12. Всем добрый день! Я из города Нижний Новгород я оказывал помощь 20.12.18 в размере 0.005 втс и получил 0.00173507 BTC

    13. oke fine... mmm paid

    14. thank you mmm, this is awesome, longlife mmm , together we can

    15. Hi, I'm João Morais da Penha, from the City of Palmas, Tocantins, Brazil. I am a member of the MMM Global World system since October 2018. I rendered my first aid on 1/17/2019 worth 0.01389866 BTC. On 01/03/2019 I made a request for help in the amount of 0.01343538 BTC and on 03/22/2019 BTC Biotechnology. And the third aid application is an aid on 03/05/2019 in the amount of 0.02280494 BTC and not on 03/05/2019 I received help in my BTC portfolio. This is a very good system indeed. I always participate in the MMM system and invite others to participate and conquer their dreams. Thank you MMM. MMM Global World pays.

    16. Boa noite Meu nome é Juscelio sou da Serra-ES, fiz uma doação de 0,112 btc no dia 04/02/2019 no dia 24/04/2019 pedir ajuda de 0,116 btc Vida Longa a MMM Global

    17. Hi, my name is yunda sari. I came from jakarta, indonesia. I PH amount 0,96 btc and i GH my bonus amount 0,01041697. Thanks MMM Global.

    18. hello, introduce my name Happy pian, I come from Bengkulu Province of Indonesia, I PH at MMMGlobalworld on December 2018, amounting to 0.1323 BTC, and on April 27, 2019 I got GH at 0.0593 BTC. Thank you MMMGLOBALWORLD. LONG LIFE

    19. serhii usa 0,00246664 2019-03-16 0,00213330

    20. Hello my name is Churchill Danisa from Glencoe,KZN,on the 05/04/2019 I requested help of 0.0020 of bitcoin and within 24 hrs all my coin was in my wallet.thank you together we can change the world.

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