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    Every day we get hundreds of testimonials from the MMM Global participants.
    Some of them are published every day at the page:

    Testimonials of 16.04.2019

    1. Привет! Меня зовут Роман, я - простой участник системы из Украины. 29 октября 2018 я оказал помощь на общую сумму 5 BTC. Сегодня я получил одиннадцатую по счету помощь. На этот раз в размере 0.0784 BTC, о чем и спешу сообщить в данном письме счастья

    2. Всем привет.Меня зовут Сергей я из России.16.04.2019 получил помощь 0.03920000 btc (205$). Спасибо сообществу MMMGlobalworld

    3. thank you mmm, this is awesome

    4. Hi I am SceloM from South Africa I gh 0.12587283 btc on 2019/04/16 and was paig. Long Live MMMGW

    5. hi, my name is felix , im from indonesia.. im greatful to join mmm , long live mmm

    6. Hello I am Ofelia a.k.a. ofel5479 and I provided helped last Oct. 29, 2018 in the amount of $10. All interest earned in my PH was I rePH again and on April 16, 2019 I requested GH in the amount of 0.0035277btc. I successfully received it yesterday in my btc wallet. Thank you MMMGW. Long live MMMGW and together we change the world

    7. Hi everyone my name is Martin from Lesotho and a member of MMM Global. On the 06-04-2019 after making a request I received a help worth 0.00798749 btc approximately 40 USD. Thanks to MMM together we can change the world.

    8. Hello my name is Norma Danisa from Glencoe.on the 2/04/2019 I requested to get help of. 0.01348 and within 48 hrs all my BTC was in my wallet.thank you together we can change the world.

    9. Mi nombre es Nicolas, vivo en Bogota. El día 28 de febrero ofrecí una ayuda de 0.10428589 BTC y el día 9 de abril recibí una ayuda por 0.03476196 BTC. Larga vida MMM WORLD !!

    10. My name is Gloria from South Africa. On the 14/04/2019 I GHED 0.05 and got paid within 48 hours. I am so happy. Let's continue to change our life's. Thank you

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