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    Testimonials of 21.01.2019

    1. Hi all. I am Shila Ndoro from Gauteng Province. I made my first PH in November 2018 and my second PH in December. Today i received my first GH of 0.00325707 and was paid into my btc wallet within 48hrs. Thanks MMMGlobal World for the opportunity to participate once again in this MMM we love so much.

    2. Hello friends. My name is Mano. I participant of MMMGLOBAL. WORLD from Philippines. I give a assistance 0.05579583btc and I receive 01/21/2019 amount bonuses of 0.02789791btc. Thank you for the new automatic system Sergey Mavrodi! Thank you MMMGlobal.World

    3. Hello dear participants MMMGlobal.World! My name is Cale from Thailand. Today I received get help 0.08648354 btc I am very happy to MMMGlobal.World. Thanks participants!

    4. Hi my name is Brian. I am a participant of MMMGLOBAL.World. Writing from Australia! I provided help 0.16738749 BTC. Today January 21th 2019 I received my bonuses 0.16738749 BTC! I happy to be with MMMGLOBAL.World!

    5. My name is Omer. I am participant MMMGlobal.World from Turkey. Today 01/21/2019 I received bonus 0.04184687 btc. I really liked the new marketing MMMGlobal.World. Thank you. Join now

    6. My name is Angelo and I live in Macapá, Brazil. I Provided Help on 28/10/2018 the amount of 0,07btc and on 28/12/2018 I Get Helped with the value of 0,09btc.

    7. Hallo My Name is Yunda, I'm from Jakarta, Indonesia. I have PH on December 17, 2018 amount 0,1340000 and Now I GH on January 10, 2019 amount 0,05585321. Thank you MMM World

    8. Meu nome eh Sergio, sou do Brasil, fiz uma doação de 0,021 em dezembro/18 e em poucas semanas recebi 0,02743 btc de ajuda em janeiro/19, em menos de 24 horas. minha primeira ajuda, sistema muito bom.

    9. what a woooooow.... M Leendile from SA, requested help from mmm on the 11th Jan, i received it within 48 hours. Viiiiva mmm viva

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