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    Every day we get hundreds of testimonials from the MMM Global participants.
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    Testimonials of 22.05.2019

    1. Saya Asyraaf , peserta biasa MMM global world . Saya tinggal di Indonesia. Hari ini pada tanggal 22 Mei saya menerima Jumlah bantuan yang saya dapatkan adalah 0.001656. Terima begitu banyak semua peserta yang telah memberikan bantuan kepada saya dan , tentu saja , pendiri Komunitas unik ini - Sergei Mavrodi ! Aturan MMM global ! Bersama Kita Mengubah Dunia !!!

    2. Olá sou jota do Brasil, mais 1 GH, crescimento 10% e 30%. Obrigado mmmgw. Vamos PH logo faz o GH. Hello, I'm from Brazil, plus 1 GH, growth 10% and 30%. Thank you mmmgw. Let's go PH does the GH

    3. Im MNaufal from indonesia today 24/05/2019 im receive my GH this my proof

    4. Hi I am Lungani Shandu a member from SA. I GH 0.02 btc on 2019/05/22 and was paid successfully. Thanks to MMMGW

    5. Hello, Mavrodians! My name is Gary Migser from Russia. Today on 24/05/2019 I received help in the amount of 0.03705342 btc The help was received really fast. I'm really excited to be in the System. Thank you all participants of! Guys, stop doubting and hesitating! Delay is not good so decide now! The system is really working! Don’t lose your chance to get money today! #JOINMMMGlobalWorld Long Live MMM! Together we can change the world!

    6. I'm from Indonesia very happy GH 0.0017 BTC and confirmed , thanks

    7. Hello everyone My name is Afrimist from Pretoria South Africa. I am a proud member MMMGW and I joined this community on the 6th of October. I just made a GH of 0.00295758 BTC.The time of Date of creating: 2019-05-22 18:32:24. This is my seventh GH (and 8PH's) since I joined. My latest GH continues to prove that MMMGW is here to stay. I encaurage everyone to join MMMGW and change their finances for the better. Long live MMMGW. Thank you

    8. I am Pindiwe fro Gauteng, I have received an amount of 0.00289 bitcoins on the 24/05/2019. Thanks MMM Global

    9. Hello, friends! My name is Maks. I'm from Russia. I am a member of the new MMM Global World. I helped, and now I need help, I made a request of 0.04596499 btc on 24/05/2019 and received it. MMM pays. I am grateful for that. We can a lot !!!

    10. Hello to all. I am Regie Jucuan a.k.a. Burias from the Philippines and a very proud member of MMM global world. Last May 22, 2019I requested get help in the amount of 0.00130017 btc from the accrual of my re-ph and bonuses. I successfully received my gh on my bitcoin wallet. Once again thank you so much MMMGW and I will continue to support the idiology of Sergey Mavrody. Long live MMMGW and together we change the world

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