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    Testimonials of 27.05.2019

    1. Olá sou o Maurício do mato grosso do sul e no dia 27/05 pedi ajuda de 0.0011946 e hoje 28/05 já recebi.. MMMGlobalWorld é show

    2. Hello , I'm Hera from Indonesia , happy to GH 0.002 BTC , long live MMMGLOBAL

    3. Hello, greetings from Bilungis in Riga Latvia; I PH 0.00378896 BTC at 05/14 and PH 0.00247959 BTC at 05/16; and I did a GH 0.00432586 BTC at 05/27 and was paid into my wallet. Long Live MMM GLOBAL.

    4. Привет! я из нижнего новгорода! Оказал помощь в марте 2018 года в размере 0,02 бтс , получил 29 мая 0.01141117 ! всем добра

    5. My name is Cecilia. i reside in cape coast, Ghana. i provided help on the 15th of April with an amount of 0.00391712 BTC and i received help on the 27th of May of an amount of 0.00245037 BTC. Thank You MMM

    6. hi , my name is Dalas, im from indonesia.. i got gh 0.00564 btc from 27 may 2019 thank you mmm

    7. Hi, my name is Aminu, I'm from Nigeria. I pH on 5 the march with $1000 I started reviving my GH after 20days thanks for Mmm global.

    8. I'm Sithembiso Dludla from South Africa pays

    9. I'm lucky from Indonesia, GH 0.005 BTC and confirmed, hooray

    10. Hello dear investors, will be nice to start with the year by sharing a innovates ideal that will foster our finances..As an trader, I believe that, key to success completely depends on the platform you choose, & its 100 % true. I feel lucky that 90% of my selected investment platform are giving me flawless feedback. Right now, I am working with MMM Global, which can provide you a huge amount of profit regularly I have made up to $5,000 in 5 weeks..and still counting profit.. I believe anybody can be a professional in this platform (MMM)..that is why i want you to make this as an addition source of your income earning. JUST HIT ME UP ON HOW TO BENEFIT FROM MMM GLOBAL

    11. meu nome é Edenilso, de tamboara- Pr, sou participante da comunidade desde abril de 2019, e estou muito feliz , no dia 24/05/2019 fiz um pedido para receber ajuda no valor de 0.02012101 e dentro de 48 hrs esse valor ja foi depositado em minha conta , essa comunidade é um sucesso.

    12. hi MMM , my name is Ahab , i was gh 0.02 btc , thank you mmm

    13. Hi I am Thami a proud member of MMM from Durban South Africa. I received my PH of 0.003355 bitcoin within 24 hours. Thank you, MMM is alive a kicking again. please join us.

    14. Hello I am TeamPosa I created my GH on 2019-05-23 08:10:13 for a value of 0.00270877 BTC. Thanks I got paid

    15. Hi this is Mark from Philippines February 30, I Get Help last March 30, 2019, Thank you MMMGW, thank you our Founder Sergey Mavdori

    16. I got help of BTC 0.00313826 on 10/05/2019 amd still counting. Thanks to MMM Global

    17. Hi , My name is maxwell from Indonesian, i did gh at 25 May 2019 , and i got 0.00432651.. thank you mmm

    18. Testimonials.. Hy im el frrom indonesia. My frist PH is 0.0165 and Now i get my GH about 0.004btc . Thanks MMMGW, im so happy

    19. My name is Sincedile Gumede from KZN Durban on 2919-03-29 I GH 0.0129 BTC. Long live MMGW

    20. introduce my name to happy pian, I come from the city of Bengkulu, Indonesia. I entered at MMMGlobalWorld and PH 0.1323 BTC on December 19, 2018, and I GH 0.02 BTC on May 15, 2019. Thank you MMMGlobalworld. long life

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