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    Testimonials of 30.12.2018

    1. Hello! My name is Dmitriy. I am prticipant MMMGlobal.World Bitcoin from Russia. I Provide Help on the 11/11/2018 0.55 btc and Get bonuses 0.040469 btc on 30/12/2018. MMMGlobal.World PAYS. Join it today and enjoy constant pay!

    2. Eu sou o LioSilva do Brasil, depois de vários PH de $10 em Bitcoin eu fiz o meu primeiro GH na MmmGlobal.World e em poucas horas o valor foi depositado em minha carteira de Bitcoin.

    3. Hello friends,my name Anoop from india.i am a participate of mmm global.word.i have ph 0.0077btc 28/10/18and I received gh 0.01btc 30/12/18.i am so happy.long....Live....Mmm global.word

    4. 社区的朋友大家好:我是厚德载物。来自中国,我在2018年12月30日收到比特币00.04个,非常的开心,虽然利息少点,但是平台很稳定,希望平台可以长久运行几年。我会分享很多朋友参与到社区,谢谢。

    5. My name noerbanie, i come from bengkulu, indonesia, i've PH about 0.02679697 btc on 29 oct 2018, after one month on 30 nov 2018 i've GH about 0.00301467 btc, thank you MMM Global.

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