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Discussion in 'Testimonials' started by MMM Global Support Team, Nov 30, 2018.

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    Hello MMM Global, my name is tanimowo agboole from lagos I am a participant. I provided help on the 30/10/18 and on the 28/11/18 I start receiving help MMM Global really works! Let's keep the mavros growing.

    Hi I am Chavan from Daund, Dist.Pune. I am member of mmm Global. I got help received BTC 0.11758397 on date oct 28 2018. This is very very best system. I have always help received. Thank you mmm Global.

    Hi Sir Good Morning My Name is Luningning Anacan (My Nickname is anac) I'm from Philippines and the date is October 28, 2018 the Amount i Received is 0.43495348 BTC From the Bottom of my heart I want to thank u MMM specialy Sir Sergey Mavrodi for the wonderful Social Community... Thank you thank you Very Much Long Live MMM "together we can change the world"

    MMMGLOBAL is too sharp! I am RICHscene, a participant in mmmmglobal. I requested for a help of 0.0138 just about 3hours ago toady 28/11/18 from my bonus. I have already been paid. MMMGLOBAL, I cannot thank you enough. You are the best! Long live MMMGLOBAL!

    Hello all mmm global friends my name is chahal from India. I am active member of mmm global. I am create provide help in system in date 1/11/2018 and I am received 0.00399715btc get help in date 28/11/2018.i am happy. Thanks for support. Thanks my Upline and thanks admin sir. Long live mmm global. Thanks Sergey mavrody sir g.
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